Head of Production

  • Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Full-time

Company Description

Mill Film is a newly launched visual effects studio with locations in Adelaide, Australia, Bangalore, India and Montreal, Canada, working on VFX for feature films and episodic content. With talent diversity and equality at the heart of Mill Film’s culture, we want to inspire the next generation of visual effects artists, to create a dynamic pool of talent and work with the latest technologies on ground breaking productions.

Job Description


The Head of Production runs the production crew assigned to both department and show production teams. They work primarily with the HODs, Producers and Supervision teams and in partnership with the Executive Producer & Head of Creative Operations to oversee the delivery of shows and the smooth running of the production processes throughout the facility to ensure consistency in production working practices across all sites.


  • Central Production Manager
  • Show Production Managers
  • Production Coordinators
  • Production Assistants
  • Department Managers
  • Department Coordinators
  • Department Assistants


  1. Capacity utilization
    1. Facility utilization
  2. Project schedule variance
    1. Successful project delivery
    2. Mid and postmortem completion including analysis and appropriate action
  3. Dept Efficiency rate
    1. Meet finance targets per department
  4. Employee engagement level
    1. Team events
    2. Champions core company values
  5. Effective budget management
    1. Managing target department budgets
    2. Recruitment banding targets met
  6. Performance Management
    1. Successful completion of Quarterly appraisal targets
    2. Providing coaching and teaching to team as necessary
  7. Team Management
    1. Effective team management
    2. Commitment to lower department and studio OT
    3. Effective partnership with HCO, presenting as one united team
  8. Relationship Management
    1. Establishes and maintains effective relationships with internal clients and team members
    2. Skilled in conflict resolution
    3. Skilled at developing strong relationships with a diverse team

Primary responsibilities

Client Accountability

  • Hosts client visits when Executive Producer is unavailable
  • Client facing when team absences require
  • Joins Client calls to supervise production management performance or as required

 Financial Accountability

  • Accurately forecasts requirements per Quarter
  • Identify efficiencies and salary savings where possible
  • Team salary management and annual pay review
  • Audit processes consistently to identify savings

 Resource Management Accountability

  • Partners with Head of HR to ensure immigration, contract issues and administrative delays are minimized
  • Partners with Executive Producer to make final call on resource allocation
  • Partners with the production Crew Manager to ensure contract extensions are communicated with the team and returned in a timely manner
  • Identifies and recruits candidates for PM and DM roles
  • Accountable for holding second stage interviews with PCs and DCs

 People Management Accountability

  • Responsible for assigning show teams
  • Provides transparency for employees on career progression
  • Delivers performance appraisals on time
  • Delivers performance management as necessary
  • Reconciliation and auditing of time-sheet actuals
  • Team engagement in social and on-site activities

 Project Management Accountability

  • Audits Quota per show, per department weekly
  • Attends scheduling meetings to review progress and step in to provide guidance as required
  • Meets weekly with direct reports for updates on – Quota, efficiency and team management
  • Audits Project variance and activate mid/postmortems to identify action required
  • Supervises Production Rising Stars program, including coaching and seminars as required
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating the department vacancy list

 Production Training

  • Partners with HOP’s to design required training material, undertaking a portion of the training creation
  • Provides seminars and training presentations on  production processes through coaching and teaching the management team
  • Supervises Production Training workload in partnership with Head of Training
  • Works closely with the Production Support team as a stakeholder for tools development
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