Animation Supervisor - Montreal

  • Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

With offices all over the globe, MPC is one of the world's leading visual effects (VFX) studios, creating award winning, high-end VFX for the advertising industries.
We are constantly looking for the best talent in the world, enthusiastic people that come in everyday to be a part of some of the best work in the industry. Our teams in London, and throughout our global network of studios, produce creative, visually stunning and technically challenging VFX and digital projects of the highest quality, and we are looking for candidates with a desire to be involved in the 
success of these projects.

Primary Responsibilities:

  •       Responsible for the successful completion of Animation on projects
  •       Present and discuss work with the clients
  •        Identify areas of R&D required for the show
  •        Work with Production to manage the day-to-day running of the team
  •        Attend desk rounds with all members of the team on a regular basis
  •        Run dailies with the team to give feedback/approvals
  •        Meet with the Leads on a regular basis to identify and resolve challenges
  •        Ensure that all work carried out on the show fits within MPC's pipeline where possible


  •        Help bid on the animation component of the show
  •        Set-supervision assistance as required
  •        Define and split work into sequences
  •        Create and maintain wiki page to define Animation specific standards of show

Shot production:

  •        Assign shots to animators according to ability and sequence delineation
  •        Create or supervise the creation of a master shot
  •        Offer technical support/advice rigs and animation tools
  •        Ensure continuity and consistency in released shots
  •        Provide constant feedback on each shot to production so schedules can be updated


Job Description

The Animation Supervisor works closely with the VFX Supervisor to set the show standards, identify potential strategies, assess technical options, and evaluate production schedules. The Animation Supervisor participates as a leader and hands-on contributor through all stages of Pre and Post Production.

Every shot that leaves the animation department for approval on a show will first be scrutinized and approved by the Animation Supervisor. They will deliver a myriad of shots to a strict deadline as well as foresee any problems along the way.


Technical Knowledge/Skills:

  •        Extensive technical and creative experience with Maya
  •        Expert understanding of the digital film pipeline
  •        Proven technical and creative ability in a feature-film production environment
  •        Expert understanding of techniques and technologies related to Animation
  •        An eye for character performance and realistic motion

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