Senior Rigging Artist

  • Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

Part of the Mikros company and the Technicolor group, Mikros Animation's studios are dedicated to high-end CG Animation for feature films and episodic.

Galvanized by a proven track record, the teams in Paris, Montreal and London are working on their 9th feature film. The diversity, richness and ambition of contents go hand in hand with a collaborative and creative atmosphere where talent can best develop.

Job Description

  • Work with the Rigging Lead/Supervisor to establish a rig that fully supports an animation style that reflects the tone of the film, and maintain the style throughout the film;  
  • Work to create top quality body and facial rigs that meet the desired quality and style; 
  • Work closely with the Animation Team to ensure that the productions’ needs are understood and met, and that animators have fast, efficient, intuitive puppets; 
  • Create and adjust rigging standards; 
  • Provide creative ideas and solutions for the film on both a visual and technical level; 
  • Be a key contributor to create an engaging animated film of top quality, while managing and reducing the complexities of production; 
  • Be able to flag and solve potential  problems to stay on schedule;   
  • Good knowledge in anatomy. 


  • 5+ years of experience working in the animation industry as a Rigging artist; 
  • Comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of CG, pipeline and associated software/plugins; 
  • Experience in a variety of Maya rigging techniques, and the ability to optimize performance of rigs; 
  • Advanced hero character rigging experience with a Maya based pipeline; 
  • Must be able to take direction; 
  • Expert in Maya, with strong skills in MEL and Python scripting;  
  • Good communication skills are and excellent team player; 
  • A creative problem-solver; 
  • Knowledge in c++ is a plus. 
  • Experience in cartoony project is a plus. 
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