VFX Producer - Episodic Content

  • London, UK
  • Full-time

Company Description

With offices all over the globe, the Moving Picture Company (MPC) is one of the world's leading visual effects studios, creating high-end VFX for the advertising and feature film industries. Developing new visual effects techniques and creating cutting edge productivity tools is vital to MPC’s continued success.



Job Description

The VFX Producer is the lead project manager for a show, overseeing all aspects of production to ensure delivery on time and on budget. They act as the chief agent for MPC to the client, responsible for delivering the expected service standards as well as negotiating our financial compensation post-award, and facilitating the production’s schedule requirements within MPC.

The VFX Producer is directly responsible for a project’s P&L, making any decisions which impact artist labour spend, as well as the timely execution of all agreed client deliverables i.e. shots and assets. They are also responsible for the day-to-day management of the VFX Supervisor(s) and as the senior-most member of a show production team, are required to provide all information necessary for the successful production management and coordination of the full scope of work, such as bid days, VFX breakdown and quotas.
All Producers require a basic financial understanding, an aptitude for project management, in-depth experience in scheduling and an ability to manage diverse groups of people and foster strong team bonds.
The VFX Producer reports directly to the local Executive Producer, and may be co-managed if more than one E.P. operates within that location.

Primary responsibilities

  • Client Accountability
  • Financial Accountability
  • Project Management Accountability
  • Creative Results
  • Resource, Facility and Company Management
  • People, Training and Mentorship


Key Skills

  • Client facing – it is essential to be confident, clear and calm with all clients, and possess an ability to ‘read the room’. The faculties to steer conversations to a constructive outcome, maintaining diplomacy and professionalism, whilst creating a pleasant, warm and productive working relationship are critical
  • Communication skills – ability to lead a team, manage diverse personalities and viewpoints; the ability to build relationships and collaborate with others is vital
  • Scheduling – there should be a proven ability to schedule work of a complex nature, especially within the VFX space, with a thorough understanding of quota-based tracking and forecasting
  • Adaptability – the will to shift gears mentally and deal with both ambiguity and fluidity, whilst supporting and leading others through the same is essential
  • Finance – understanding budgeting, analysing bids vs. actuals and spend vs. completion, and costing work relative to scope and within the competitive marketplace are skills which should be well attuned, as well as a basic grasp of profit and loss
  • Commercial acumen – strategic decision-making within the business as an influencer. Being able to understand company finances, resourcing and the ultimate aims of the business is important
  • Role modelling – demonstrate and lead on the values, initiatives and culture of an organisation and how to motivate large teams directly and indirectly
  • Professional expertise – A strong working knowledge of the VFX industry, trends in consumption and market activity are looked for
  • Coaching and mentoring – Whether local Supervisors, junior colleagues or piers, you will be proficient in developing skills, building stronger project leaders and fostering the right culture
  • Organisational skills – personal efficiency, time management skills and the ability to prioritise competing demands and delegate appropriately are key
  • Trust – a trusted confidante on senior talent management, financial management and new business opportunities
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