Render Compute Lead Developer

  • Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Contract

Company Description

The Moving Picture Company (MPC) has been a global leader in visual effects (VFX) for over 25 years and counting, with established facilities across the
globe. We are renowned for adding visual wonder and creative expertise to the film, advertising and entertainment industries, with some of our most
famous projects including the blockbuster movies Blade Runner 2049, The Jungle Book, and The Martian, and advertising campaigns for Channel 4, Sony
and IKEA.
MPC is part of Technicolor’s premiere portfolio of VFX brands and services, working alongside The Mill, Mr. X and Mikros to provide offerings tailored to
the specific creative and storytelling needs of each project. Within this collective, MPC has built a reputation for industrial-scale production of images, and
the software development to enable this.

Job Description

The Render & Compute Lead (RCL) is responsible for overseeing implementation of the global Technicolor FTV compute initiatives, around the various onprem
and in-cloud compute resources and their use. The RCL is responsible for the implementation of projects and products that solve the global render
and compute problem, providing exceptional business value.
At a team level, playing a consultative role to help put in place the appropriate people, process, solutions and tools, coaching members of the wider
productions services group as needed to optimize the efficiency of the compute and render.
The Core Platform has a broad scope and diverse user group. While there is some expectation of the role to work across multiple aspects of the platform
(building features, fixing bugs, general enhancements), some developers do specialise and focus on specific subject areas. This may happen
immediately, or after some time having gained familiarity with many areas of the platform.

Your Responsibilities
In this role, your responsibilities will include;
Work with your colleagues to fix bugs, develop features, and define new services from start to finish.
Responsible for implementing several concurrent, high visibility projects in a fast-paced environment that may cross multiple business unit and/or
divisions but focus on show delivery for Technicolor FTV, specifically MPC and Mill.
Communicate tasks, challenges and workflows across a globally distributed team.


To succeed in the role, the following experience and competencies are required;
Production-level experience using Python for web/desktop applications, service backends or development infrastructure.
SQL and general database knowledge for query writing and optimisation.
Degree, or equivalent, in a computer science or related engineering subject.
9+ years of experience of successfully implementing software or web development projects.
Experienced in managing large, complex projects in a high-tech development environment.
Experience using development best practices.

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