Crowd Lead

  • Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

MR. X is composed of a unique and gifted team of artists, filmmakers and programmers devoted to the art, craft and technology of visual storytelling. Our talented staff, committed to quality above all else, has achieved some of the most original and photo-realistic visual effects and animation seen on film to date. If you have the imagination, talent and drive, then MR. X is looking for you.

Job Description

  Produce realistic animation: ranging from several individuals to several thousand autonomous agents, using standard MASSIVE techniques in conjunction with a sophisticated simulation framework.

  • Have a solid understanding of the crowd pipeline from start to finish.
  • Ability to help setup the basic pipeline needs for the show and address of other departments such as Lighting.
  • Participate in dailies and desk rounds, and willingness to take direction as well as work independently to address feedback and problem solve.
  • Deliver on schedule and meet deadlines, and work under pressure if required.

·       Ability to communicate effectively with Key Artists and Artists, and work collaboratively as part of a team. 


 Broad working knowledge of 3D and 2D generalist skills, including aspects of modelling, layout, animation, scripting, lighting, fx and compositing, and an ability to work closely with people in related disciplines.

·       Previous CG production experience in feature films, broadcast or games.

·       Advanced level user of MASSIVE, or similar 3D package.

·       Mel and/or Python scripting ability is invaluable, C++, Lua or similar programming experience advantageous.

·       Good eye for realistic movement, behaviour and layout both in individuals and crowds.

·       Familiarity with simulation techniques and technology, not just in crowds but also cloth, physics & fluids.

·       Familiarity with at least one film compositing application (Shake and/or Nuke preferred), and a good understanding of the compositing process.

·       Good computer skills, particularly with the UNIX/Linux command line.

·       Familiarity with other crowd simulation packages would be beneficial, but not essential.

·       Experience with development of intelligent particle/crowd/flocking systems is an advantage.

·       A general understanding of the whole visual effects pipeline and familiarity with standard 3D and 2D tools is also very beneficial.

·       Work alongside the HOD to define the needs for the show and identify any additions or modifications to our existing tool-set or pipeline.

·       Write tools & workflows to automate new processes or to facilitate other departments/ more junior artists.

·       Assist more junior artists with any issues they are having, offer advice as to how best interpret feedback and solve more complex problems.

Additional Information

Based on your skills we will assess your suitability for a particular role during the application process.

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