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  • Full-time

Company Description

MYMIC LLC is a high-technology development and services company formed in 2000 by Dr. Thomas Mastaglio and Bill Younger. Our corporate headquarters are in Portsmouth, VA. The company focuses on requirements analysis, concept development and training solutions integration. MYMIC supports the Department of Defense, Medical/Health Care, Homeland Security, Transportation and Logistics industries, as well as the Power/Energy industry. Recognized by Military Training and Technology as one of the top Up and Coming Simulation and Training Companies in 2008, 2009 & 2010.


Job Description

Command Knowledge Management Support

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Summary of duties and responsibilities

The KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST shall assist in the administration of the Offices of the Command Knowledge Manager and/or Command Historian, including managing and responding to formal and informal tasks to the office. The Contractor shall organize and manage the United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) Enterprise Knowledge Management Working Group (EKMWG) and maintain the EKMWG collaboration site. The Contractor shall assist in preparing Knowledge Management Plans and Annexes in support of SOUTHCOM trainings, exercises, and operations. The Contractor shall support KM initiatives to promote and encourage the creation, preservation, and sharing of knowledge across the SOUTHCOM enterprise. The Contractor shall help build and maintain knowledge repositories. The Contractor shall provide professional assistance and advice to SOUTHCOM component commands and direct reporting units. 


Knowledge Management Specialist Contractor shall serve as the assistant on KM requirements and business transformation initiatives. The Contractor shall assist in actively promoting KM initiatives within SOUTHCOM headquarters, its AOR, its subordinate components, and support organizations by facilitating knowledge sharing across many domains including the interagency and multi-national environments which will foster the improvement of processes for decision-making, development of knowledge, and information as a core business function for SOUTHCOM.


Major Tasks

  1. GOVERNANCE - Based upon continuous observation and analysis of assigned functions to ensure the efficient and effective management and use of KM principles, the Contractor shall assist in developing, coordinating, revising, and updating a comprehensive KM strategic plan, policies, objectives and goals, military exercise/contingency guidance and other SOUTHCOM KM governance documents as identified by the COR which synchronizes technology policy, program guidance, doctrine, training, education, material, resource management, information management, intelligence activities, and operations.
  2. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS/NETWORKING - maintain awareness of the command’s information management, technological, process improvement needs, and aspects that directly affect the employees and customers (people) of the Command. The Contractor will assist in coordinating actions required to determine solutions satisfying essential KM needs.
  3. PROCESS IMPROVEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION - assist in developing and using performance and results-based management for all command KM programs/requirements. Results-based management can be described as a management strategy that ensures that its processes, outputs and services contribute to the achievement of clearly stated expected accomplishments and objectives. It is focused on achieving results and improving performance, integrating lessons learned into management decisions and monitoring of and reporting performance.
  4. ASSESSMENT/STUDIES - assist in initiating, overseeing, and providing guidance for the design and conduct of comprehensive studies to determine effectiveness of operations, flow of knowledge, and effectiveness of KM systems across all levels of the command.
  5. KM PROJECTS - assist in defining and establishing KM objectives, goals, functions, and tasks, providing directives on needed resources, and monitors/leads project progress to ensure work is accomplished in a timely and effective manner. The Contractor shall assist in identifying internal/external best KM practices and assists in establishing methodology for sharing these within SOUTHCOM headquarters and its subordinate components. The Contractor shall analyze the impact of fiscal, manpower, organization, and equipment resource constraints upon the command’s KM strategy and overall mission. The Contractor shall assist in recommending appropriate action to resolve each issue.
  6. WORKING GROUPS - assist in developing, implementing, and maintaining the command’s KM boards, centers, cells, bureaus, and work group Boards, Bureaus, Centers, Cells, and Working Groups for knowledge dissemination. The Contractor shall assist in developing strategies to make tactic knowledge explicit using various groups to include, but not limited to, the Enterprise KM Working Group (EKMWG) and the B2C2WG for implementing KM initiatives at the operational and strategic levels.
  7. INFORMATION PORTAL MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT -  assist in implementing a process for identifying and validating subject matter experts (SME), knowledge repositories, SharePoint sites, and other information sites, per COR requirement.
  8. KM BEST PRACTICES - facilitate the sharing of best practices across the organization. The Contractor shall identify and assists in establishing roles and responsibilities for supporting a KM environment. The Contractor shall assist in building knowledge teams, and assist in development of a migration plan for content to support and promote KM. The Contractor shall support and maintain the continuous development of new organizational and online communities of practice, and promote knowledge (both tactic and explicit) as assets to the organization. The Contractor shall assist in developing and implementing a change management program to assist in moving the command toward a knowledge-centric culture.
  9. TECHNICAL WRITING - assist in generating and maintaining a repository of Standard Operating Procedures and Processes (SOPs) for all KM functions and activities. These SOPs are to be updated throughout the contract as more efficient and effective methodologies, processes, and/or procedures are realized and are provided to the Command Knowledge Manager.
  10. INFORMATION DISSEMINATION - serve as liaison with other agencies and industry to facilitate the leveraging of world-class KM practices. The Contractor shall review work of the various technical domain professionals across the command. The Contractor shall accept and/or provide guidance to improve products or tasks and assess work requirements necessary to accomplish KM, Information Management, and Information Technology integration.
  11. TRAINING - help ensure that the command’s staff is trained/oriented on using KM principles and shall help ensure training programs are developed and implemented for teaching/training the organization how to access and use information technology and information management systems, as well as on KM principles.
  12. EXERCISES - perform KM functions associated to all exercises, contingencies, and emergencies for SOUTHCOM and its AOR.



Requires a minimum of a Bachelor degree.



Five (5) years of KM related experience including a KM certification from a professionally recognized entity such as KM Professional Society, KM Institute, or equivalent institution. SOUTHCOM requires a Knowledge Management Specialist with relevant professional experience in a military setting. Relevant professional experience can be classified as someone who has served in the military, or someone who has worked in a direct connection to the military.


Language Skills

While Spanish or Portuguese language skills are highly desirable, the lack of these language skills will not hinder the contractor from performing the work as spelled out in this contract. However, the Contractor must be able to read, write, and speak in fluent English.


Computer and Research Requirements

Shall be fully knowledgeable in/of Microsoft Products, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the Joint Records Management regulations for generating, accessioning and maintaining records, The Army’s 12 KM Principles, and familiar with AR 25-1 “Army Knowledge Management and Information Technology”, Army FM 6-01.1 Knowledge Management Section, July 2012, KM Cross-Functional Team (CFT) Charter - CJCSI 5124.01.



Knowledge Management Specialist(s) shall hold a Top Secret security clearance prior to contract award.


Other Qualifications

-U.S. citizen and hold a valid US Passport.

-Possess a valid state Driver's License.

-Able to travel (CONUS and OCONUS) via air and ground transportation without limitations.


Period of Performance

The period of performance shall be for one (1) Base Year of 12 months and two (2) option years that are 12 months each. (Anticipate start being March 2014)


Place of Performance

Typically work will be performed at Headquarter SOUTHCOM, Miami, FL but may also include, but is not limited to all SOUTHCOM AORs located in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Additional Information

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