Contractors and Partners Wanted

  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Contract

Company Description


Macadamian aspire to create and inspire superb software with unparalleled user experience. Our vision is a world where software enables the full potential of ideas and is a joy to use. We take the time to really understand who is going to use the product, how they will use it and what their goals and needs are. Then we design a product to encompass all of that plus meet your business objectives. Our experienced design team lives to help people do whatever they need to do, enriching lives with what we create. And that’s pretty profound.

Job Description

We are constantly looking for new Contractors and Partners to create those beautiful Softwares. If you are a developer or a UX Specialist that is willing to work and build a solid relationship with Macadamian, than please send us your resume and/or Portfolio. We will assess your skills and invite you to meet with us if you have what we are looking for.


We look for:

  • UX Ix Designers
  • UX Visual Designers
  • UX Researchers

Developers with…

  • Strong OO development
  • Any languages (C++, Java, .NET, PHP, Javascript, Obj-C)
  • Web base or Native
  • Mobile or desktop
  • Agile Experience

We hope to hear from you soon.



Additional Information

Well we could go on and write you a nice sales pitch but how about you check us out in action over these medias and judge for yourself how awesome we are....