Senior Manager, Drug User Health

  • 444 North Capitol St NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

NASTAD is a non-profit, non-partisan association that represents public health officials who administer HIV and hepatitis health care, prevention, education, and supportive service programs funded by state and federal governments in all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the U.S. Pacific Islands. NASTAD also supports partner governments in Africa, the Central America region, and the Caribbean region.

NASTAD's vision is a world free of HIV and viral hepatitis

Job Description

The Senior Manager, Drug User Health plays a vital role in expanding the organization’s capacity to address the impacts of the intersecting crises of drug use, HIV, and hepatitis in community and public health settings, particularly within state and local health departments. The Senior Manager’s core activities will support the advancement of NASTAD’s domestic programmatic efforts to assist health departments and communities by providing technical assistance and training on effective drug user health strategies and connecting people who inject drugs to HIV and hepatitis prevention and treatment programs. This position will report to the Project Director, Drug User Health and will be expected to work closely with all other NASTAD teams, including HIV Prevention, Hepatitis, Health Care Access, Health Systems Integration, and Health Equity to support collaborative programmatic activities.

The ideal candidate will be a self-starter, able to develop and lead new projects, and be comfortable working independently. Demonstrated ability to execute projects in a timely manner and lead collaborative team efforts with diverse stakeholders is also required. 

Essential Duties

  • Provide tailored technical assistance to support health department drug user health and harm reduction programs, community SSPs, and HIV and hepatitis care and treatment programs.

  • Assess state and local health department technical assistance and program development needs, lead technical assistance design and delivery to state and local health department HIV and hepatitis programs on harm reduction strategies, SSPs, and comprehensive systems of care.
  • Conduct analyses of in-state services available that support drug user health and create tailored program improvement plans in collaboration with multisectoral partners.
  • Provide quantitative and qualitative analyses related to harm reduction programs, SSPs, and HIV and viral hepatitis prevention, care and treatment programs and their clients.

  • Coordinate technical assistance efforts related to increasing collaborative drug user health service delivery across in-state, multisectoral agencies for at least two states and support technical assistance efforts in additional states as needed.

  • Participate in cross-agency project teams to discuss coordinated technical assistance efforts across states and regionally.

  • Review and develop technical assistance resources to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders.

  • Represent NASTAD at meetings, briefings, and consultations related to state health department and community-based HIV, hepatitis, and drug user health programs.
  • Provide timely support to, and interaction with, NASTAD’s members through responsive and innovative messaging, mentoring, networking and technical assistance activities.

  • Perform other duties and special projects as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications

Experience/ Education

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and 5 to 7 years of relevant work experience.
  • Experience working with cross-functional teams and multisectoral agencies.

  • Familiarity with harm reduction framework, drug user health, behavioral health, and integrated systems of health service delivery preferred.

  • Prior experience working in HIV and/or hepatitis and drug user health is preferred.

Minimum Competencies

 Skills, knowledge, and abilities

  • Fostering Teamwork: As a team member, the ability and desire to work cooperatively with others on a team.

  • Oral Communication: The ability to express oneself clearly in conversations and interactions with others.

  • Written Communication: The ability to express oneself clearly in business writing.

  • Attention to Communication: The ability to ensure that information is passed on to others who should be kept informed.

  • Building Collaborative Relationships: The ability to develop, maintain, and strengthen partnerships with others inside or outside the organization who can provide information, assistance, and support.

  • Advanced Written Communication: The ability to use formal writing styles or advanced literary techniques and formats suited to the audience.

  • Technical Expertise: The ability to demonstrate depth of knowledge and skill in a technical area.

  • Analytical Thinking: The ability to tackle a problem by using a logical, systematic, sequential approach.

  • Stakeholder Orientation: The ability to demonstrate concern for satisfying one's external and/or internal stakeholders.

  • Thoroughness: Ensuring that one's own and others' work and information are complete and accurate; carefully preparing for meetings and presentations; following up with others to ensure that agreements and commitments have been fulfilled.

  • Fostering Teamwork: As a team leader, the ability to demonstrate interest, skill, and success in getting groups to learn and work together.

  • Influencing Others: The ability to gain others' support for ideas, proposals, projects, and solutions.


Additional Information

Environment and Scheduling

  • Interest in working with an HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis public health organization.
  • Interest in working within a diverse work environment.
  • Willing to travel as needed (approximately 15%).