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Company Description

Network for Good believes small and local nonprofits have important missions and deserve great software and services to power their fundraising and fuel those missions. We use data, technology, and the power of networks to eliminate the daily fundraising grind that most nonprofit leaders endure. Network for Good provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fundraising solutions and education that have delivered over $1.5 billion to more than 125,000 charities since 2001.

Started as a 501c3 nonprofit, Network for Good recently became a for-profit company and a certified B
Corporation with a mission focus. We are now in growth mode and seeking energetic and innovative team members who want to make a big impact for our customers. If being part of an organization with big dreams and a social mission appeals to you, Network for Good may be your next adventure.

About DonorPath:

DonorPath is a cutting-edge technology platform and professional community used to connect global nonprofits, experts and funders with new resources and best practices via software and a specially designed online virtual interaction model. The DonorPath mission is to provide every client with the simplicity, guidance, tools, resources and time to raise critical money that will fund its programs and support its fundraising goals.

What makes the DonorPath service unique:

As a member of the DonorPath expert community, you will receive hands-on training as well as technical support from the Network for Good - DonorPath staff. Once you complete the onboarding process, you can be matched with an organization through two proprietary methods.

(1) You can be identified as a high potential match based on your areas of fundraising expertise and then be selected by the client based on its specific agency needs; or

(2) You can refer new clients or service your personal clients on the DonorPath virtual platform (if you know of an organization(s) that would benefit from the product).

Both options provide a unique opportunity for fundraising professionals to develop a client portfolio and work schedule that complements their professional lifestyle, consulting philosophy and personal availability.

Job Description

Network for Good is seeking experienced fundraising professionals with various areas of philanthropic expertise to help increase the fundraising capacity of small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations using our DonorPath service. DonorPath clients represent national and international established and emerging NPOs that are addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the philanthropic sector and our communities today.

As a DonorPath Expert, you will:

· Utilize your knowledge and skills by providing counsel to help nonprofits more effectively raise dollars and enhancing leadership decision-making that fulfills your client’s organizational mission.

· Be matched with nonprofit organizations, based on your personal client referrals/sales or by DonorPath client selections based on your primary areas of expertise and availability.

· Work remotely, utilizing the DonorPath virtual meeting platform with up to fifteen (15) nonprofits per month (equaling approximately 20 hours per month).

· Have full access to DonorPath Performance Labs, Resource Library and Expert Network, which will increase your own knowledge of the philanthropic sector and enhance your client-facing interactions.


· A passion for mentorship and the ability to help nonprofit professionals, including executive directors and emerging/new development staff with minimal resources, to improve and maximize their existing fundraising activities, structure and capabilities.

· A high level of comfort utilizing web and online platforms as well as various technology applications in order to deliver service and fundraising counsel.

· Skill and experience with online and peer-to-peer fundraising.

· Ability to plan ahead and maximize limited time or meeting sessions to deliver quality counsel, personal observations and professional recommendations.

· A minimum of 7-10 years of progressive fundraising experience and proven success in the philanthropic or nonprofit sector.

· Ability to successfully manage multiple fundraising projects and clients with the highest level of responsiveness and professionalism.

· Experience understanding and synthesizing organizational goals and evaluating donor profiles in order to create strategic plans, develop a realistic course of action, and prioritize the related fundraising tasks at hand.

· Endorsements from nonprofits and/or other development professionals that speak to your success as a fundraiser in the nonprofit sector.

· Availability of 4-20 hours per month to provide service for up to fifteen (15) nonprofits for six to 12-month engagements.

*Candidates with current CFRE credentials are automatically qualified as DonorPath experts and just need to successfully complete our professional assessment and training.

Additional Information

Benefits of being a DonorPath Expert include:

· Strengthening the nonprofit community: Assist nonprofits that most need quality advice and fundraising counsel so they can better serve communities and address needs facing citizens around the world.

· Increasing your professional brand: We connect you to nonprofits and professionals everywhere, matching you with those that you are best suited to advise. We also provide a professional platform for you to share your own original content, best practices and expertise with the entire DonorPath community.

· Working virtually on your schedule: Work remotely from your home or office, utilizing the DonorPath virtual platform on a schedule you set based on your time.

· Earning a supplemental income: Earn competitive rates paid to you directly by DonorPath on a monthly basis with no hassle, timesheets, or fuss.

Applicants need not be full-time independent consultants. If you are currently employed at a nonprofit organization and have the qualifications below, we strongly encourage you to apply.

Candidates submitting an application must have legal authorization to work in the United States.