Front-line Psychology Intern

  • Intern

Company Description

If you are seeking a new job opportunity in an environment that empowers your personal and professional growth, and believe in the importance of mental health services, O7 Therapy is the place for you. 

Our team is built of deeply dynamic and diverse group of talented calibers, who are passionate about providing access to mental wellness and healing for Arabic-speaking people worldwide. We provide a lively, empowering work environment, where you have the space needed to innovate, create, take initiative, and collaborate.


Job Description

  • Demonstrates effective client service skills by responding to clients in a polite, prompt, helpful manner, and provide any necessary instructions
  • Reduces stress and provides basic support in order to promote and connect clients with resources to help them in their therapeutic journey
  • Evaluates information obtained from the client and determine the appropriate resource to recommend
  • Acts as a liaison between clients and therapists or administrative staff as necessary
  • Reports to the Medical Team regarding medical or psychological issues, and the client Service manager regarding other matters
  • Remains up-to-date with the different therapy modalities and psychiatric/psychological services provided by O7 Therapy
  • Administers the processes for creating a profile and booking appointments through O7 Therapy and assists clients in this process when necessary
  • Participates in ongoing program planning meetings to identify needs and make recommendations for solutions
  • Supports the Medical Team in revising program manuals, training curricula, and other materials
  • Ensures call reports and tracking are accurately gathered and submitted



  • Proficient verbal and written command of both English and Arabic
  • Possess good interpersonal skills, telephone and text etiquette is essential
  • Has knowledge of medical and psychological terminology and basic theory, and familiarity with different therapy modalities
  • Capable of keeping good, respectful relationships with others
  • Creative and wise in finding appropriate referrals