• Houston, TX

Company Description

Ocean Rig own and operate Leiv Eiriksson and Eirik Raude, two of the world's largest and most modern drilling rigs, built for ultra deep water and extreme weather conditions.

Ocean Rig's vision is to expand its operating base while maintaining a sole focus on ultra deepwater and harsh environment drilling, becoming the drilling contractor of choice for our customers, employees and shareholders in an incident free environment.

Job Description

1. To ensure that work in and around the drill floor and BOP occurs in a safe and efficient manner, meeting or exceeding the goals and objectives for safety, production and budget

2. Ensure the proper rig up and rig down, continual preventative maintenance and repair of the equipment used in the drilling operations, along with ensuring continual cleaning and housekeeping in and about the drill floor

3. To understand, implement and promote all relevant work and safety procedures issued by Ocean Rig and the Operator

4. Ensure good coordination of services and communication with personnel and client representatives

5. Provide training and supervision to all direct reports, including the Assistant Driller, Derrick Man, Assistant Derrick Man and Roughnecks

6. Managing the setting up and taking down of the oil rigs

7. Adhering to the environmental norms and government policies ensuring the maintaining of the ecological balance

8. Updating the seniors within the hiring company on the progress at the oil rigs

9. Ensuring that the crewmembers adhere to the safety guidelines and precautionary measures as outlined by the authorities

10. Supervising the drilling personnel and overseeing the drilling process and equipment

11. The Driller is in charge of the actual drilling operations and supervises the drill floor crew, as well as the use and maintenance of the drilling equipment.

12. He is responsible for safe working conditions on the drill floor and shall ensure compliance with current safety regulations.

Additional Information

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