• Rome, Italy
  • Full-time

Company Description

Octorate is an all-in-one hotel SaaS company. We aim to bring hotel software technology to every structure in the world.
Our Suite include PMS, Channel Manager, Booking engine and a lots of others features that helps hoteliers to save time, effort and money.
Octorate’s products are easy to set-up, easy to use and offardable to all structures.
Our Business philosophy and approach is the same, allow and promote an “informatics revolution” in the hospitality sector without ask any “big jump” to our customers, in term both economics than cultural, our way is simple, friendly, fast.

Job Description

As a IT MANAGER and PHP developer within Octorate you will be part of a technologically driven Channel Manager based in the Roma city center; you will interact with offshore developer. We believe that great businesses comes from great products built by great staff. And there is where you come into the picture. Some words that should matter to you are Scrum, Agile practices (SOLID, Clean Code, Continuous refactoring, etc) among others. We put a lot of emphasis on keeping the team excited about learning about the latest technologies and developing new skills.


Experience in tourism industry.

Bachelors in Computer Science or other technical field
    3+ years relevant work experience in PHP5 (OOP)
    1 Year work experience in any “test first” software development approach
    Proficient English and Italian communication skills
    Personal interest for continuous learning and self-improvement

Additional Information

    Develop and maintain the new and existing web applications to support the company business. With special attention to code maintainability and application performance. Ship code with Unit Tests.
    Communicate effectively with Product Owners and the rest of the team and stakeholders.
    Help in the maintenance and development of functional automation test suites already in place working closely with the QA department.
    Implement best-fit web technologies for different scenarios.
    Analyse and optimise DB access and design. Mostly MySql.
    Help in defining, analysing and implementing any development tool that may help increase the team’s productivity.
    Refactor legacy code eliminating technical debt using well known techniques to accomplish the task.

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