Rotary Wing Pilot - Multi Engine

  • Full-time

Company Description

An exciting opportunity awaits you as a Rotary Wing Pilot - Multi Engine for OpsMobil, an oilfield service and operations company aviation capabilities.  This position will have particular emphasis upon maintaining the highest standards of safety, customer care, and operational delivery as well as supporting our exciting growth plans. The Rotary Wing Pilot is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of company rotary wing aircraft while transporting passengers and equipment to various locations.

Opportunities are available in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

Job Description


Regulatory Compliance

  1. Using standards set out in the Canadian Aviation Regulations, CASS, and the OpsMobil Operations Manual, the Multi Engine Rotary Pilot operates company rotary wing aircraft in a safe, efficient manner in accordance with all air traffic regulations and restrictions.

  2. Have a continuous knowledge of all company policies and procedures or working knowledge on where to find information essential to the day to day operations of company assets and personnel.

  3. Maintains pilot licenses and qualifications in good standing by ensuring all required training/recurrent training is completed as necessary. Maintains currency on types (3 circuits in the previous 90 days).

Flight Duties

  1. Conduct or supervise the performance of all preflight and post flight activities as required by the company, to include but not limited to:  Flight planning, aircraft pre and post flight inspections, all associated logbook entries required by the company and Transport Canada and or Regulatory Authorities  while outside of Canada.

  2. Assist in the cleaning and general maintenance of all fleet aircraft.

  3. Checks fuel supply and conducts pre-flight inspections.

Business Development

  1. Deals professionally and courteously with passengers and instructs them on safety.

  2. Participate in the business development and marketing of all OpsMobil Inc. products and services.

Training and Standards

  1. Contribute to the development of aircraft type training programs, standard operating procedures and policies.

  2. Perform all duties as assigned by company management.


  1. Maintain Maintenance files associated with the position.

  2. Complete administrative company forms; travel requests, expense claims, and leave requests.

  3. Participate in professional development.

  4. Act as a subject matter expert for the Academy.

  5. Teach in Academy programs when identified as a subject matter expert.



  1. High School diploma required. Post-secondary education is an asset.

  2. Commercial pilot licence (Canadian) - ATPL-H is considered an asset.

  3. Valid or renewable IFR rating, night rating, would be an asset.

  4. Valid Canadian class 1 medical.

  5. Able to legally work in Canada.

  6. Fluency in spoken and written English.

  7. Minimum of 3000 hours rotary wing flight time.

  8. Minimum of 1500 PIC helicopter.

  9. Minimum of 500 Multi Engine Helicopter.  

  10. Group 4 IFR helicopter rating an asset.

  11. Night experience. Aided night operations an asset.

  12. External Load experience mandatory. Longline experience an asset.

  13. Flight operations in a two crew environment an asset.

  14. Able to obtain a Airport Restricted Area Access pass.

Additional Information

We thank all applicants.  Only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

Applicants must include a copy of their resume to be considered.