Python Developer

  • Chicago, IL
  • Full-time

Company Description

Based on Chicago, IL, Panopta is software as a service which manages uptime for customers ranging from personal website owners to web hosting companies and ISP’s. Our customers rely on Panopta 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure business and IT operations are always up and running correctly. Our system is globally distributed, highly available and made up of several web apps and backend systems which handle large amounts of data in a real-time fashion. If you want to learn about “web scale”, take a look underneath our hood!

Job Description

Panopta is actively looking for software developers who want to join an experienced team of engineers and entrepreneurs to build software which help solve real-world IT problems. We’re an agile shop and we try to move quickly to bring features from concept to production. Our development sprints are 6 weeks and we hold short scrums every other morning to synchronize across the team.

Panopta is a technology company at the core and we’re not afraid to evaluate new cutting edge tools and frameworks to solve our problems effectively and efficiently. We’re big supporters of the open source movement and are looking for people who share the same passion. Our latest contribution, the Bootstrap Application Wizard, was a top story on Hacker News and got the attention of thousands of people. Be a part of a community that gives back as much as possible.


  • Python is your programming language of choice and you’re a ninja with the standard library

  • You run Linux (or OS X) and know your way around the shell

  • You’re comfortable working with relational databases (MySQL or Postgres) both through an ORM and dropping down to straight SQL if needed. (NoSQL is a plus)

  • You live & breathe OOP and can make use of common design patterns when appropriate

  • You have a solid understanding of semantically structured HTML and know how to use modern CSS and Javascript techniques to make beautiful and fun-to-use web apps

  • You aspire to join a team where you can help define solid development practices including testing and documentation.  


Additional Information

Remote work/Telecommuting will not be considered for this position. This positions is based in Chicago, IL.

All  information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.