Primary Counselor (LADC) - Women's Program

  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Full-time

Company Description

Our mission is to provide cost effective gender specific substance abuse treatment in a structured, safe, culturally sensitive, home-like setting while maintaining the highest level of ethical standards.

Park Avenue Center provides evidence based gender specific drug and alcohol treatment in south Minneapolis, Minnesota. First established in 1979, Park Avenue Center is a community-based program that proudly serves Minnesota’s less fortunate individuals in beautiful settings. Using evidence-based best practices, we have maintained a reputation for the highest quality of services at extremely low rates. Clients we serve typically struggle with multiple barriers including mental illness, homelessness, financial problems, legal issues, and an overall lack of emotional support. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, our staff includes Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Licensed Psychologists, Registered Nurses, and a consulting Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who is qualified to prescribe medications. Our robust Mental Health Team allows us to help clients address their various needs and our EAGALA certified staff enables us to provide unique experiential therapy in a calming countryside location. We take pride in the quality of our services and the magnificent environment we have created. As a result, we are able to live our mission!

Job Description

  I.        JOB SUMMARY:

Under the supervision of the Clinical Director, the Primary Counselor manages a case load of clients and other duties as assigned.



  1. Conduct intake interviews with new clients.
  2. Record weekly notes on client’s progress.
  3. Conduct case management with clients.
  4. Maintain all needed correspondence with assessors, child protection workers, probation officers, halfway houses, managed care organizations, etc.
  5. Facilitate groups and lead didactics.
  6. Fulfill periodic tasks such as answering the phone and the front door, lecturing, organizing and group rooms, etc.
  7. Continue to upgrade skills via educational media.
  8. Receive and make referrals.
  9. Provide services on a limited basis to client’s families and/or significant others as needed.
  10. Conduct house inspections.
  11. Maintain professional relationship with clients while following a strict code of ethics.



  1. Must be Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor license under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 148C,      have the ability to receive a temporary license, or meet Rule 31 licensing requirements for counselors by other means such as being a Licensed Social Worker with experience in chemical dependency.
  2. If the counselor is exempt under MN Statutes, chapter 148C, there must be documentation of      competence, as evidenced by one of the following: completion of at least a baccalaureate degree with a major or concentration in social work, nursing, sociology, human services, or psychology, or licensure as a registered nurse; successful completion of a minimum of 120 hours of classroom instruction in which each of the core functions listed in MN Statutes, chapter 148C, is covered; and successful completion of 440 hours of supervised experience as an alcohol and drug counselor, either as a student or as a staff member; completion of 270 hours of alcohol and drug counselor training in which each of the core functions listed in MN Statutes chapter 148C, is covered, and successful completion of 880 hours of supervised experience as an alcohol and drug counselor, either as a student, or as a staff member; current certification as an alcohol and drug counselor or alcohol and drug counselor reciprocal, through the evaluation process established by the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse, Inc., and published in the Case Presentation Method Trainer’s Manual, copyright 1993.
  3. Must document competence in screening for and working with clients with mental health problems, through education, training, and experience.
  4. Maintain comply with the rules adopted under MN Statutes, chapter 148C.
  5. Must possess good verbal skills and be capable of presenting positive professional image.
  6. At the time of hiring, must be free of chemical use problems for at least the two years immediately preceding and sign a statement attesting to that fact.
  7. Must pass a background check.



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