Logistics Management Coordinator

  • Southfield, MI

Job Description

We help clients tackle their most complex business challenges. We provide rigorous analysis, seasoned insight and hands-on support, tailored to the individual needs of each client. Through a deeply collaborative relationship, we create sustainable value for organizations, ultimately helping them deliver products and services that improve clients’ lives. JOB DESCRIPTION

Supports the program manager and task managers in the performance of logistics technical
analyses. This includes the review of logistics policy and guidance, development of
logistics support plans, and providing input to other acquisition milestone documentation.
Provides support and logistics expertise to logistics strategic planning efforts, business
process reengineering efforts, and various financial analyses. Assist in the conduct of
specific technical analyses such was capacity planning, warehousing analyses, and
transportation analysis. Assists in the conduct of system design alternatives analysis
and other logistics analyses. Provides guidance and supervision to junior logistics
specialist personnel.
Logistics Analyst (KEY) –responsible for data compilation, information management and reports


This position requires supply management experience and extensive knowledge of Microsoft
Office 2007 Software, specifically Excel and Access. This individual must have a complete
understanding of all data being compiled and be able to perform analysis of the information
being supplied to ASC and subordinates. Additionally, three (3) to five (5) years experience. Typically has 1 to 7 years experience providing logistic
analysis for acquisition and operations functions.

We invest deeply in every client engagement, applying our analytical, entrepreneurial, collaborative and results-oriented approach to help our clients improve their effectiveness and grow their business.

Data and analysis are the foundation of our work; our methods are highly rigorous and quantitative. But it is the insight and judgment we bring, based on years of experience across a wide range of client issues, which transforms analysis into recommendations and a course of action.