Industrial Inspector for Mfg Facility

  • Southfield, MI

Job Description

We help clients tackle their most complex business challenges. We provide rigorous analysis, seasoned insight and hands-on support, tailored to the individual needs of each client. Through a deeply collaborative relationship, we create sustainable value for organizations, ultimately helping them deliver products and services that improve clients’ lives.       Primary Responsibilities:               Conduct portions of surveys and investigations of a variety of complex industrial operations in order to identify and evaluate conditions which may be hazardous to the health of worker. Investigations result in identifying very complicated and complex hazards and in recommendations for corrective procedures, or preventive measures in unconventional complex activities. The adequacy of these surveys and investigations affects the health and well-being of the workforce. Conduct studies, analyzing findings, and preparing various reports. Environmental conditions involve a variety of hazard, chemical, noise, heat, actinic rays, ionizing and non ionizing radiation, and other environmental physical agents. Assigned work includes a variety of conventional industrial shops, production areas, laboratories, confined areas and outdoor work sites and include significant functions involved in heavy industrial operation. Responsible for entry of data into industrial hygiene surveillance system data bank and retrieval of data as required. Conducts surveys locally or at remote sites to identify and evaluate health hazards and potential health hazards. Surveys involve determining compliance with established Threshold Limit Values (TLVs), evaluating exposures and advising on control measures and changes in work procedures or schedules to comply with the established health requirements and to provide information for evaluation purpose. Performs analysis using standard methods to determine nature and degree of toxic material present in a variety of materials, such as environmental samples and industrial products. Determines measurements to be made and methods to be used, calibrates and adapts various kinds of equipment, such as standard spectrophotometers and air sampling trains.               Basic Qualifications:               0-2 years of directly-related experience.       Knowledge of industrial hygiene concepts: principles and practices in planning and performing a general range of industrial investigations identifying and evaluating occupation health hazards in a wide variety of conventional industrial operations and portions of complex studies. An extensive developed knowledge of industrial hygiene concepts, principles and practices applicable to the planning and performing a general range of industrial chemical, bacteriological investigations or to conduct portions of large and complex investigations.       Knowledge of computer hardware and software for entry and retrieval of needed data.       Knowledge required identifying and evaluating occupational health hazards found in a variety of industrial chemical operations where the processes are more conventional in nature and literature on the hazards is available but requires research and modification prior to application. Also knowledge required to assist in more complex investigations involving a wide variety of conditions.       Knowledge required to adapt and recommend control measures or possible approaches to the control of harmful exposure.       Ability to investigate and evaluate working conditions in order to gain compliance with occupational health and safety standards, policies and regulations.       Ability to exercise tact and to be skillful in gaining the confidence and cooperation of all stakeholders.                           We invest deeply in every client engagement, applying our analytical, entrepreneurial, collaborative and results-oriented approach to help our clients improve their effectiveness and grow their business.  Data and analysis are the foundation of our work; our methods are highly rigorous and quantitative. But it is the insight and judgment we bring, based on years of experience across a wide range of client issues, which transforms analysis into recommendations and a course of action.