Software Engineer, Machine Learning / NLP

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Pixlee's vision is to fundamentally change the relationships between brands and consumers, by leveraging user generated photo and videos to personalize and humanize the brand experience.  We sit at the intersection of social aggregation and big data, providing brands with both high quality user content and actionable insights.  

As a member of the team, you will be building the next generation of content and contextual marketing.

At Pixlee we work hard, love to learn, value teamwork and humility, and get stuff done. We’re an Andreesen Horowitz and XSeed Capital seed funded company with a big vision and we’re looking for game changers.

Job Description

***This is a Bay Area based position.  No relocation assistance available

As a ML/NLP engineer at Pixlee, you’ll be helping develop algorithms to extract features and build out quality, relevancy and personalization intelligence from a massive corpus of user generated media. You'll be working in a brand new space, and be able to see your work apply to the world's leading brands in real time.



    • A strong background in AI, Machine Learning and/or Natural Language Processing
    • A habit of a rigid scientific approach to algorithms and optimization, complete with testing and metrics
    • Ability to be flexible and pick up the best tools for the job
    • Strong ability to communicate and evolve deeply technical ideas and concepts



    • Advanced degree in machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Experience with natural language processing, probabalistic classification, regression testing, and clustering
    • Proficiency in Java, R or Python for data processing
    • Proficiency with distributed systems, web tech and linux

    Additional Information

    Attributes we look for

    • An unrelenting desire to get stuff done
    • Ability to consider big picture at all times, while ensuring that all relevant details are executed correctly
    • Always considerate of the end-user that has to interact with your work
    • Willingness to pick up new languages, frameworks, and ideas — we like to use whatever works best for the task at hand. 
    • A complete lack of hubris and ego — we welcome debate, but always fight for the best ideas, never the people who put out the idea
    • A strong sense of personal responsibility — whatever you are in charge of will get done, rain or snow

     ***This is a Bay Area based position.  No relocation assistance available