Image Processing Engineer / SLAM Algorithm Engineer

  • Portsmouth, US, Portsmouth, NH

Company Description

Highly accurate wireless tracking in 3D space, enabling large-scale, immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences without the use of any markers.

Job Description

Design and develop real 3D image processing algorithms using SLAM for Augmented and Virtual Reality applications.


Expert in 3D computer vision, with specific focus on Visual SLAM.

Experience in statistically optimal filtering, such as the Kalman filter.

Past success with SLAM algorithm development.

Computer vision knowledge, reconstruction, feature detection, segmentation and classification.

C/C++ programming skills.

Familiarity with OpenCV or similar.

Experience with IMUs and mono/RGB sensors.

Feature tracking and/or Structure From Motion experience.

Strong communication skills

Additional Information

Education Requirements: Master’s degree in Computer Science, PhD a plus

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