Sr. Software Engineer

  • Portsmouth, NH

Company Description

Highly accurate wireless tracking in 3D space, enabling large-scale, immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences without the use of any markers.

Job Description

Work on developing a new wireless tracking and motion sensing technology for improving immersive human-computer interaction, visualization or localization. Develop software for multiple platforms and help deliver software products and systems (hardware) contributions across multiple disciplines including 3D graphics, device drivers, algorithms development, application programming interface, software development kit, game engine integration, and platform development. Design and develop new use cases and methods of interaction using 6DOF motion tracking controllers in 3D virtual environments, developing varied virtual reality and augmented reality applications. Responsible for Unity3d application and integration development.


 Bachelor’s degree/ foreign equivalent in Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Comp. Eng., Comp. Sci. Course work and degree that culminates in a thesis/project in area of CG&M. Thesis and/or Thesis project studies must include work on visualization / game development software and libraries in the Visual Studio development environment and 6DoF human-computer interaction. Coursework or Thesis/Thesis project must include the programming languages C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Visual Basic, both procedural and objective programming and writing multi-platform code (Win, Linux, etc.) in development environments such as Visual Studio, Borland C, and Eclipse.

Additional Information

Education Requirements: Master’s degree in Computer Science, PhD a plus

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