Principal Systems Engineer

  • Portsmouth, NH

Company Description

Highly accurate wireless tracking in 3D space, enabling large-scale, immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences without the use of any markers.

Job Description

Electrically-focused systems engineer working in the systems group. Works closely with electronics group to define, specify, and test all communication components of the systems.


Experience evaluating electrical components, prototypes, and consumer electronics development prototypes Extensive experience programming embedded systems languages (C, C++, assembly, etc.) Extensive experience in developing system level analysis (spreadsheet or Matlab, or other) of RF communication systems. Extensive use of electronic development and test equipment (debuggers, emulators, oscilloscopes, logic and spectrum analyzers, etc.) Significant hands-on experience with electronic circuit boards, PCB prototyping equipment Experienced in prototyping languages (MATLAB, Simulink, Mathematica, etc.)

Additional Information

Education Requirements: 5+ more years of experience in system analysis and of design electrical RF communication systems Master’s degree in EE, PhD a plus

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