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Company Description

Powell Supportive Services, Inc. is a private home care agency licensed by the State of Florida.  We service the DD Waiver, ADA Waiver, Cystic Fibrosis Waiver, TBI Waiver and PAC Waiver. Our office is open five days a week and we provide on call services 24/7.  Our staff includes experienced Personal Care Aides, Home Health Aides, Massage Therapist, CNA's,  Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. It is our business to assist the elderly and diabled to continue to live in their homes.

Job Description

Provides maintenance for a safe and clean environment.


Performs various housekeeping tasks, meal preparation and companionship activities
for clients in and out of their residence.


1. Provide homemaking duties as instructed by the supervisor.

2. Maintain, minimally every other week, contact with Powell Supportive administration.

3. Utilize company standards in regard to documentation.

4. Maintain the role of Homemaker / Companion while being paid as a Homemaker / Companion.

5. Maintain appropriate boundaries and professionalism with the clients by not becoming involved in their or your personal issues.



  1. High School Graduate Required.
  2. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Must have the ability to commute to the client home, reliable transportation. 
  4. Able to assess and communicate with ill patients, co-workers, and general public.
  5. Must pass a criminal background check.
  6. Must complete initial and ongoing training.
  7. Is neat in appearance, practice, and good personal hygiene.



  1. Visual / Hearing ability sufficient to comprehend written / verbal communications.
  2. Ability to perform tasks involving physical activity, to include lifting, bending and standing.
  3. Able to bend and stand an average of 6 hours per day.
  4. Able to lift up to 50-75 pounds.
  5. Able to write up to 3 hours per day.
  6. Able to work in a stressful environment.
  7. Able to drive 50-100 miles per day.

Additional Information

Homemaker / Companion may be employed by the agency if the following conditions have been met:

  • Homemaker / Companion is expected to pass competency examination with at least an 80% or better. The content of the competency evaluation will include but is not limited to:

1.   Communication skills

  1. Oservation, reporting, and documentation of client's status and the care or service furnished.
  2. Basic infection control procedures and instruction on universal precautions.
  3. Recognizes emergencies and knowledge of emergency procedures (physical, emotional and developmental needs.  Ways to work with the populations served by the agency including the need of espect for the client and his or her privacy and property.



  1. May not perform any service not listed in the Service Plan or the Case Manager's assessment.
  2. May not perform any service the Homemaker  / Companion has not been trained for.
  3. May not bring their children to work.
  4. May not care for or do Homemaker / Companion duties for anyone other than client while claiming time for assisting that client with their Homemaker / Companion duties.
  5. May not be responsible for or babysit anyone while working for the client as a Homemaker / Companion.
  6. May not borrow or lend money or goods.
  7. May not eat the client's food.
  8. May not claim time for having performed duties that were not actually performed at the time claimed.
  9. May not perform any personal cares.