Senior Software Development Engineer

  • Seattle, WA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Precision Demand is a TV media agency and technology startup that brings together the experience of veterans from Microsoft,, aQuantive, mPoria, AskMe, AdECN, Goto/Overture, iProspect, Razorfish, and InfoSpace. We’re building the company that we all want to work at. We're small enough that everyone can see the direct impact they make on the business but growing large enough that we can tackle the really difficult problems as a team.


We're serious about data, statistics, algorithms, usability, and our customers. We're serious about working hard and making a difference. We're serious about being serious. Seriously. Or not. But we're definitely serious about working with great people. Our team members volunteer in our community, cheer on the Sounders (and watch them march to the match past our window), 'wine' down at the end of the week, challenge each other in games from Go to Guillotine to Trivial Pursuit, and represent in the summer volleyball league. We love the startup mentality of jumping in to do whatever it takes and don't miss the inertia and bureaucracy of large companies.

Job Description

The (Senior) Software Development Engineer designs, writes, and improves the software that comprises our Television advertising platform. In this position, you will work directly on the core platform that we are building to bring intelligence, scale, efficiency, and measurability to television advertising. Our platform includes libraries, web services, web applications, rich Internet/Silverlight applications, analytic models, security features, data integration systems, data warehouses, data visualization and reporting systems. You will be a key contributor to the architecture, function, and quality of software in an industry-changing company.

Candidates for this position should have a proven ability to write clean, intuitive, and solid code. They should be innately curious and seek to understand things deeply and broadly; and quick to learn new topics and experiment with them. They should thrive in a fast-paced environment and excel at both collaborating with teammates, and directing their own work. Strong communication and writing skills, and the ability to do great work in a loosely structured environment, are required.

Past startup experience is strongly preferred. Candidate should live in or be willing to relocate to the Seattle area.

We are interested in mid-level to very senior engineers for this role – level of responsibility, compensation, and title will be based on ability and experience.

We prefer high-quality .NET based or .NET compatible open technologies that support clean design and make us more productive.  Examples including Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, NuGet, and HTML5/JavaScript libraries like d3.js, angular.js, breeze.js and JQuery.  We contribute to the open source community which we are part of.

We value computer science depth over skills with any specific technology – smart people can learn new toolsets quickly.  Consequently, .NET expertise is not a requirement (it’s a strong nice-to-have), but a desire to work in .NET is required.


    • Design and implement clean and robust software within a complex business landscape
    • Collaborate on design and implementation of business logic for handling every aspect of planning, buying, tracking, and managing television media
    • Develop unit and integration tests to automate quality validation
    • Use C#, .NET Framework, SQL Server, WCF, Web API, LINQ, Entity Framework, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript and HTML5; in addition to other best-of-breed frameworks
    • Design and build systems to automate complex business logic and processes
    • Design and implement web service APIs, including internal web services, and external web services consumed by our Silverlight applications and business partners.Design and build systems to automate complex business logic and processes
    • Create layered implementations spanning UI with MVVM, domain models, web services, data access layers, and relational databases.
    • Work on business automation, workflow and reporting systems
    • Engineer systems that will manage and integrate massive amounts of data from different sources and many interactive users



    • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field, and 5-15+ years relevant and progressively challenging work experience
    • Strong computer science fundamentals in data structures, algorithms, and complexity analysis
    • A software development generalist with a background in multiple technologies, and an ability to quickly grok new frameworks and technologies.  Someone who keeps up-to-date on new technologies, frameworks, and architectures (frequently doing so in their own time), and/or someone who participates in open-source projects.
    • Strong communication, writing, and critical thinking skills; attention to detail
    • Strong API design and object-oriented design skills; a proven ability to create robust and reusable software
    • Startup experience preferred; and/or a track record of going above and beyond your job title.
    • Familiarity with relational database schema design and development in production environments
    • Experience designing and building web services and systems in a service-oriented architecture (SOA)
    • Expertise in C# and .NET is desired, but not required. Strong engineers with expertise in Java and/or C++, with the interest and ability to learn C#/.NET quickly, are also acceptable.
    • Interest in or familiarity with Silverlight, LINQ, WCF, Web API, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, HTML5, and JavaScript.
    • Enthusiasm for enabling innovative business models with technology.


Nice to have:

    • Experience developing systems that generate and/or process large amounts of data; and use the data to answer questions or improve system behavior.
    • Strong data modeling and relational database design skills.
    • Expertise in several of these .NET technologies: LINQ, Entity Framework, WCF, Web API, Silverlight/WPF, ASP.NET MVC
    • Experience developing rich client applications, or experience developing modern web applications using HTML5 and JavaScript, along with modern libraries like jquery, d3.js, knockout.js, angular.js, and/or breeze.js.
    • Data mining and/or machine learning experience.
    • Experience developing for cloud services.
    • Experience with big-data storage and processing systems like Hadoop, Cassandra, or Cosmos.

Additional Information

Television advertising spend is 60 billion dollars a year and growing. TV has triple the marketing dollars of online paid search and over six times the dollars spent on online display, it has a tiny fraction of the technology applied towards its measurement and optimization. It is unparalleled in its ability to drive demand and make a real business impact, but truly quantifying it is the biggest problem in advertising. At Precision Demand, we make it possible to target and measure the return-on-investment of TV advertising.

We don't think our clients should have to wait to quantify TV ROI just because it's really hard right now.

We build software to make convoluted logistics simple; we combine massively complex datasets to make media buying smarter; we develop algorithms to power unique insights; and we use scientific methodology to measure the unknown.

We're building a team of technologists, data experts, statisticians, scientists, software developers, analysts, UI creators, and media experts. We are looking for people that want to work with a hugely passionate, mildly sarcastic, and highly competent team in a startup tackling big, interesting, hairy problems that scare mere mortals.