Backend Developer Internship at a Recently-Funded Startup

  • Clifton, NJ
  • Intern

Company Description is an innovative, yet simple and intuitive mobile communications platform for phones, tablets and laptops that is private and secure. Offering a holistic approach to privacy and security, is built upon three principles: Privacy by Design, a “We Don’t Want Your Data” Culture, and a behind-the-scenes approach to Security. 

Job Description

We are looking for bright, self-motivated individuals who have experience in software development for a 3-month internship working with an exciting, recently funded startup.


The opportunity will provide interns with real-world, hands-on experience with seasoned professionals in design, development and business. Interns will be provided opportunities to have immediate and direct impact on the success of the business from development all the way through marketing and product launch. We will be working out of an accelerator program, providing interns with the opportunity to truly experience what tech startups are about, and to network with mentors, investors and entrepreneurs alike. All interns will get 1-1 coaching and access to great intern events/workshops. Opportunities for full-time employment or equity share will be assessed at the end of the program.


The team is currently made up of three partners with years of experience and relationships in their respective fields of work (development, design, business). We've received multiple offers for investment and have recently accepted funding from a partner we are very confident in. Our startup is in the tech communications space that has been getting a lot of attention lately, making it an exciting time to be in.



- B.S. Computer Science or related field

- Expertise with one of the following languages (in the preferred order): Node.js / JavaScript, Python, Ruby or Java

- High levels of creativity and quick problem solving capabilities

- Possess skills in analyzing, formulating, trouble-shooting, and synthesizing


- Work with CEO / Lead Developer to architect a complete communication platform

- Code high-volume software using primarily Node.js / Javascript, Python, Ruby or Java

- Develop a Beta Testing Program and manage distribution / scaling