Senior Full Stack Engineer w/ Android Experience

  • San Mateo, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description is an early stage, well funded company founded by experienced entrepreneurs with a previous exit to Our performance monitoring service alerts mobile developers when their production apps are running slowly and gives them the deep context necessary for quick fixes.  We’re defining a new market that Gartner estimates will be worth more than $1 Billion dollars in three years.

Job Description

We’re looking for a senior mobile developer to lead our Android SDK team.  You’ll spend your day writing Java and C code on your fancy pants 30” monitor and top of the line macbook pro.  You can also dip your toes into the world of big data and hadoop, or play around with some interesting javascript based data visualizations.  But don’t be fooled.  We’re looking for entrepreneurs, not code monkeys.  You’ll be helping define the product, not just building to spec.


What You’ll Do

Well, really that depends, because there’s a ton of problems to solve that span the entire gamut of engineering:

  • Write profiling code for the Android NDK and SDK

  • Write Hadoop processing code in Cascalog/Clojure

  • Write beautiful Rails code with an extensive BDD test suite that makes you feel warm and fuzzy

  • Write sweet data visualizations in javascript and d3.js that even your mom would appreciate

What we provide

  • A competitive salary and benefits

  • A healthy slice of equity

  • A sunny office in downtown San Mateo

What we need from you

  • Big Bonus: Experience writing Android apps.

  • Even Bigger Bonus: Experience with low level Android internals.  If you can check this one off, this job was made for you.

  • Experience in one compiled language (objective c, c, c++, java, etc) and one interpreted language (python, ruby, javascript, php, etc.)

  • A willingness to work on different layers of the stack.  You might prefer server or client side, but you can happily build both.

  • Comfortable learning new technologies.  We like to choose the best tool for the job, even if it means cracking open a book.

  • A few years of experience, either working on your own individual projects or professionally writing code.

Additional Information

Who We Are

We’re a venture backed company filled with Stanford, Berkeley, and Cornell grads that have scaled tech companies to millions of users.  And we’ve had previous large exits.  Join us and let’s build the next big thing.

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