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Company Description

SNV is a non-profit international development organization established in the Netherlands in 1965. For more than 50 years, SNV has been at the forefront of development, helping to build local capacity and empower families and communities to break the cycle of poverty. We operate in 38 developing nations in Africa, Asia and Latin America and employ innovative, market-led poverty alleviation in Agriculture & Food Security, Renewable Energy, and Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH). Our more than 1,000 advisors in the field come from a variety of cultural and technical backgrounds, and more than 80 percent are nationals of the countries where we work. SNV USA is the organization’s United States-based 501(c)(3) affiliate connecting North American partners to SNV’s implementation capacity around the world.

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Job Description

Title: WASH Capacity Building and Training Development Consultant

Reports to: Institutional Development Advisor / Project Manager

1. Introduction

The USAID Transform WASH Project is a five-year project implemented by consortium partners including PSI (lead organization), SNV, Plan and IRC WASH in 40 districts/woredas of eight regions in Ethiopia from Jan 2017 – Dec 2021. The purpose of project is to reduce preventable deaths and illness in Ethiopia due to diarrheal disease, particularly among children under five. Through development and testing of scalable and replicable market-based models, the Transform WASH project will support the Government of Ethiopia to increase use of improved WASH products and services.

The Transform WASH project aims to achieve the following four result areas by the end of the project period:

SNV, as part of the USAID Transform WASH Consortium, will lead the capacity building interventions for the sub-national government (Result Area 1). SNV will provide targeted capacity building to sub-national government of Ethiopia staff to become effective decision-making entities, capable of managing and sustaining WASH activities, especially around the provision of sanitation services and sanitation marketing where little implementation has been done. SNV will further collaborate with government structures at the kebele, woreda, zonal, regional, and national levels to assess their needs and biggest challenges to implementing One WASH National Program (OWNP) and facilitating sanitation marketing. Through participatory learning approaches that link capacity building, action research, co-creation of tools, IRC and SNV will support the government to operationalize Ethiopia’s strong WASH policies, strategies and guidelines, and improve the decision making by the government using the evidence generated (Result area 4). SNV will empower the subnational government to independently lead WASH planning, implementation, monitoring, coordination, and reporting; and to manage funding for WASH programs.

Currently, through local STTA and its Regional WASH Capacity Building Advisors, SNV is conducting an in-depth WASH sector capacity assessment one intervention region, the Southern Nation Nationality People (SNNP) Region, three zones, nine woredas and 18 sample kebeles (two kebeles in each woreda). The findings and recommendations of the assessment are expected to inform the WASH capacity building guideline and plans that SNV will co-design with the International STTA and sub national government entities to help them reach a set of standards, progressing along a pathway of clearly articulated and measured benchmarks.

2. Objective of the Assignment

The objective of the assignment is to critically review the WASH sector capacity assessment, support/ guide SNV and subnational government staff to design WASH sector capacity building guideline/ manual, and provide training for the staff of SNV, USAID Transform WASH team on WASH sector capacity strengthening.

More specifically, this assignment has the following specific objectives:

3. Outputs/ Deliverables

  • Reviewed WASH sector capacity assessment report
  • Draft WASH sector capacity building guideline/ manual
  • Draft training materials for staff capacity building
  • Conduct training for SNV and other Transform WASH teams

4. Tentative Timeframe

Review the draft assessment report:

4 days

Sep 15 – 18, 2017

Support the development of the WASH sector capacity building guideline:

10 days

Sep 19 – 28, 2017

Provide training for SNV staff, other USAID teams on WASH sector capacity strengthening:

6 days

Oct 2 – 4, 2017



  • Advanced degree in public or environmental health, WASH and development or other related subjects

Desired: understanding or experience with:

  • The WASH sector in Ethiopia or other similar developing countries
  • Capacity and skill development related to the WASH sector

Additional Information

Contract Duration:

20 days

Desired start date:

September 15th, 2017

How to apply

Please submit a cover letter, your CV, and three referees all in English before August 31st, 2017.

SNV USA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. SNV encourages applications from qualified persons of every race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, and disability.

We do not appreciate third-party mediation based on this advertisement.

NB: Only shortlisted will be contacted

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