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Job Description


Enhancing Dairy Sector Growth in Ethiopia [EDGET] is a five-year dairy value chain project implemented by SNV Ethiopia and fully funded by the Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands.

EDGET works on all components of the rural milk value chain (from production up to end market) focusing on smallholder dairy farmers.

The project has been implemented from 2013-2017 in three regions - Oromiya, Amhara and SNNPR; 10 zones and 51 districts with dairy potential, targeting 65,000 smallholder HHs.

The overall goal of the Project was “To improve household income and nutritional status of children through increased dairy production and enhanced dairy processing & marketing”.

The project aims to enable 65,000 targeted households to achieve a 100% increase in income from dairy activities within the 5 years project period.

Currently, the project is in its final implementation year and intends to conduct a final project evaluation by hiring a competent independent international consultancy through a competitive tender.

Specific Tasks of the consultancy

The consultancy will be responsible specifically for the following tasks:-

  • Design/refine evaluation methodology- that includes sampling methodology, data collection methodology & tools, data analysis methodology, etc.;
  • Engage local consultancy
  • Prepare an inception report on the project evaluation;
  • Collect both primary and secondary quantitative & qualitative data required for the evaluation;
  • Process/analyse both quantitative and qualitative data using appropriate data analysis techniques;
  • Prepare/produce the project evaluation report;
  • Validate the project evaluation findings and recommendations by facilitating/organizing a project stakeholders workshop;
  • Prepare/produce the final project evaluation report incorporating feedback obtained from the validation workshop.


Requirements and selection criteria of Evaluation consultancy

  • The evaluation assignment will be given to an international consultancy. However, the international consultancy agency should include (team up with) a team of local experts or consultancy firm to carry out the assignment. The requirements will be as follows:

Eligibility criteria - company requirements:

  • Internationally recognised registration license and tax registration certificate.
  • International track record and demonstrated experience regarding project evaluation, experience in evaluation of dairy-related projects in Africa.
  • Three Reference letters from donors or other organisations who commissioned project evaluations, indicating how they appreciated the quality of project evaluation work. (Testimonial)
  • Written engagement stating that the consultancy and its team members do not have any direct or indirect interest in the results of the project evaluation and possible future new dairy project implementation (i.e. organisations or individuals affiliated with these organisations, that will be competing for dairy project implementation for the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands).

Selection criteria for the evaluation team

  • The international team leader should have appropriate and demonstrated experience & expertise in the management of quantitative and qualitative agriculture surveys & evaluations in general and livestock surveys and evaluations in particular, in Africa. In addition, the team leader should have experience in dairy sector development in East Africa;
  • The Ethiopian key team member(s) should have a mixed qualification and experience in the area of livestock, smallholder dairy production and dairy sector development in Ethiopia, value chain development, economics/business, information technology, etc. and proven experience in handling large project evaluation;
  • The evaluation team should comprise members that have knowledge & experience in gender and climate change;
  • The consultancy should recruit qualified Ethiopian supervisors and enumerators who have proven experience in the evaluation of agricultural projects in general and in livestock projects evaluation or survey data collection in particular;
  • Enumerators should be able to speak the local languages of the project target areas [i.e. For Oromia – Afan Oromo, for Amhara – Amharic and for SNNPR – Sidama and Gedeo]. Recruitment of qualified female enumerators is desirable. The enumerators should also be familiar with computer-assisted interview methods using smart phones or tablets.

Additional Information

Application Procedure

1.  The detailed terms of reference and information on how to apply can be obtained by sending a request to Azeb Terefe using the following email address: aterefe @

2.  Interested Consultants/consulting companies should use the TOR outlined above

3.  Interested firms should submit their proposals in a separate envelope by mentioning the Title, Financial & Technical Proposal.

4.  interested bidders are requested to submit their professional fee on a daily basis.

5.  SNV Ethiopia reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

6.  Please submit your application in hard copy to the address below, to be received on or before Wednesday 4th October 2017 (extended deadline).

All submissions should be sent to:

SNV Ethiopia, Human Resource Office

6th Floor, Tracon Tower

Churchill Road, Opp. Tikur Anbessa High School

Kebele 01/02, Arada Sub City

P.O. Box 40675

T: +251 (0)11 1262100

F: +251 (0)11 1262090

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

NB. All submissions shall be in hard copy. Soft copy submission will not be accepted. 

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