Test Development Engineer (White box Test Engineer)

  • San Jose, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Samsung Telecommunications of America is a global leader in mobile and digital media technologies. Through relentless innovation and discovery, we are transforming the way customers around the world experience mobile technology.


At the San Jose Mobile Communications lab, we move Samsung forward by solving some of the most difficult challenges facing the business. Dramatic performance improvements in the core platform. Prototyping next-generation products. Developing mobile applications appreciated by consumers around the world. Our engineers have the unique opportunity to both contribute to globally distributed products and explore cutting-edge technologies.


Job Description


Samsung is looking for a Talented Test Dev engineer with experience in Android applications testing on a mobile platform. We need candidates that can write and execute Junit/Jmeter test cases and has a good knowledge of programming languages. Scripting knowledge is a must to support some automation of test cases.



- 5+ years of testing experience in a mobile platform environment. Android or IOS is preferred

- Must have 3+ years of Java development experience

- Java/Android programming experience is needed for writing android framework test cases.

- Expert in Jmeter/Junit test case development

- Automated Testing tool knowledge is required (Selenium/Load Runner/Robotium/Android Monkey Runner)
- Must have solid experience testing native or cloud based applications.

- Technical understanding of wireless applications and network interactions with handsets - e.g., browser, messaging, email, Application downloads, etc., is highly desired
- Basic understanding of Android APIs and Android build system.

- Automation experience is required, preferable with Python/Perl.
- Scripting experience is ideal; (Java or any UNIX based scripting experience).
-  Ability to write and execute test cases and develop Test suites.

-  Requires Jenkins (Continuous Build tools) experience and knowledge of Code coverage tool.

- Good understanding of Client-Sever Testing and any database knowledge

- Experience in version control systems such as Git.  
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills, we need someone that can work independently and has excellent attention to detail.


Must Have Skills:
- 5+ years testing experience in a mobile platform environment.

- 3 Years of development experience in Java/C/C++

- J UNIT Test suite development
- Automation/Scripting experience is required.