Sr. Software Engineer - Android Security

  • San Jose, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Samsung Telecommunications of America is a global leader in mobile and digital media technologies. Through relentless innovation and discovery, we are transforming the way customers around the world experience mobile technology.

At the San Jose Mobile Communications lab, we move Samsung forward by solving some of the most difficult challenges facing the business. Dramatic performance improvements in the core platform. Prototyping next-generation products. Developing mobile applications appreciated by consumers around the world. Our engineers have the unique opportunity to both contribute to globally distributed products and explore cutting-edge technologies.

Job Description

The Security Expert is a senior member of the platform team – with particular expertise in Android internals, Android security model, SE Linux, Container technologies, process isolation etc.

The Security Expert will primarily be involved in significantly enhancing the security of an Android device through addition of new security technologies, modules and other contemporary security concepts. Additionally, the Security Expert is capable of making suitable changes to the Android platform to fix or otherwise enhance identified security shortcomings.

The security expert will work closely with other Android developers (Application and/or middleware developers) to identify, fix and test identified issues and their solution.


-Identify and develop fixes for security issuesin the core Android platform, kernel, framework, bootloader etc.
-Develop comprehensive solutions that create novel security features on Android. Work closely with Platform teams and other developers to realize the proposed solutions. Ensure that proposed (and implemented) solutions don’t adversely impact existing functionality.

-In depth knowledge of the Android platform - especially the core frameworks - graphics, messaging, UI, Audio/Video and Kernel.
-Knowledge, expertise in existing Linux security toolkits, frameworks – especially SE Linux, IMA, DAC, MAC etc.
-Expertise in C/C++ programming, kernel-userspace interaction, JNI. Working knowledge of Android Java.
-Expertise in fundamentals of computer science - data structures, algorithms, multi-threaded programming, networking concepts is mandatory. Candidates unable to test in these areas will be rejected.
-Self-starter - with ability to independently acquire the knowledge required to succeed in their job.
-Minimally Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is required; MS CS preferred.

Additional Information