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  • Full-time

Company Description

Sapling Learning is a leading provider of online learning platforms and integrated digital solutions for the Higher Education Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics ("STEM") disciplines. For over a decade, Sapling Learning has developed powerful educational software, engaging instructional content, and interactive media to enhance the teaching and learning of the sciences. Our online homework product is currently used by tens of thousands of students at over 200 universities.

Job Description

The Economics Content Developer is responsible for writing clear questions and solutions of varying difficulties, which test students understanding and application of concepts (Principles of Economics). S/he will author hints, solutions and feedback that provide insightful diagnosis of student mistakes and misconceptions and coach students toward mastery. The Economics Content Developer will Input the questions, hints, solutions, and feedback into Sapling Learning’s interactive online homework product. S/he will revise work based upon feedback from other subject matter experts. S/he will be responsible for reviewing work written by other content authors and providing constructive criticism and guidance to those authors.
Major Responsibilities:
·         Writing clear, engaging questions which test student’s understanding and application of concepts.
·         Authoring hints and feedback that anticipate common student errors, provide insightful diagnosis of their misconceptions, and coach them toward mastering the material.
·         Creating solutions to these questions that are complete and concise.
·         Inputting the questions, hints, solutions, and feedback into the software.
·         Reviewing and revising other developers’ questions for economic accuracy, relevance, and pedagogical effectiveness.
·         Develop and cultivate a positive client relationship by supporting the instructor, individualize settings, provide general assistance as they navigate the site
·         Reply promptly to questions via phone and/or email
·         25% - Travel to schools to promote Sapling Learning
Required Skills / Knowledge:

·         Strong knowledge base in Economics
·         Experience teaching Principles of Economics
·         Desire to see students learn and succeed in their roles as students
·         Ability to write conceptual questions
·         Experience writing original homework and/or test questions
·         Strong computer skills including the ability to quickly learn new products and technology
·         Recent experience teaching Economics and tutoring for Higher Education


Experience Needed:
·         Experience as a TA, teaching Micro or Macro Economics
·         Experience as an instructor of Economics in Higher Education
Educational Background Required:

MS or MA in Economics

Additional Information

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Sapling Learning is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.

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