Gen Chem, Intro and Gen Chem Lab

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  • Full-time

Company Description

Sapling Learning is an industry innovator in the field of interactive online homework for higher education and K-12 levels. The future sees us expanding our product offerings to incorporate ebook, STEM and other content and media. We continue to hire the best and brightest to build our catalog of content, working hand in hand with clients to achieve the best results. To keep up with the creative pace, we recently moved into a larger office in downtown Austin to accommodate staff growth.

Job Description

We have 5 Chemistry positions open that we expect to fill by July.

2 General Chemistry

1 General Chemistry Lab

1 Intro to Chemistry

The Content Developer and Support Representative is responsible for writing clear questions and solutions of varying difficulties, which test students understanding and application of concepts (Chemistry). S/he will author hints, solutions and feedback that provide insightful diagnosis of student mistakes and misconceptions and coach students toward mastery. Content Developer and Support Representative will input the questions, hints, solutions, and feedback into Sapling Learning’s interactive online homework product. S/he will revise work based upon feedback from other subject matter experts. S/he will be responsible for reviewing work written by other content authors and providing constructive criticism and guidance to those authors.

Major Responsibilities:

  • To create various types of questions written from matching to numeric entry to multiple choice to drawn structures
  • He/ She must produce feedback which provides clarification for the common mistakes and misconceptions of the students Write questions and solutions of varying difficulties, which test students understanding and application of concepts (Chemistry)
  • Review and revise questions to ensure accuracy Inputting questions, hints, solutions and feedback into the software
  • Develop and cultivate a positive client relationship by supporting the instructor, individualize settings provide and general assistance as they navigate the site
  • Reply promptly to questions via phone and/or email       


    Required Skills / Knowledge:

    • Experience teaching General Chemistry, Lab, Intro to Chemistry and writing original homework or test questions
    • A strong desire to improve the learning process and see students succeed in their chemistry classes Must have a thorough understanding of how to construct questions that move learners toward critical thinking excellent verbal and written communication skills 
    • Strong computer skills and the ability to learn new systems quickly Previous experience using online homework preferred   


    Educational Background Required:
    M.S. in Chemistry or PhD in Chemistry

    Additional Information

    Application Instructions: 
    Please fill out the application, upload your resume and include your salary history by clicking on this link*253264885A05808D


    Sapling Learning is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.

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