Digital Designer

  • 316 E Court St, Iowa City, IA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Sculpt is Iowa City's social media agency. Or as we see it, the creative agency for a connected generation. We work and play with some of the busiest brands in Iowa, helping build community, ignite conversation, and drive conversions through social media, digital marketing, and creative services (that's where you come in).

At three years young, we're no corporate enterprise. We believe in agile and embrace change. An ideal candidate understands the unique challenges of an early-stage company, and will jump at the chance to grow something special.

Also, we really dig the color orange.

Job Description

We’re looking for you.

Yes, you. The web-savvy, content-absorbed, visual nerd. Photos are your playground and Creative Suite is your canvas.  Your phone’s home screen is a smattering of image apps, social icons, and few tools we’ve never even heard of.

We know your type because we are your type. The type that discovers a quirky domain name and throws up a WordPress site before the night is through.

It’s safe to say -- we were meant for each other.

The Gig

You will be a full-time member of our multi-disciplinary creative team, leveraging your skills to turn digital strategies into digital experiences. You’ll help craft landing pages, social apps, Facebook posts, email templates, Twitter ads, and so much more. A remarkable, shareable asset can influence action, so we have incredibly high standards for the content we produce.

We value your mind. Our designers are a key piece of the creative process, not just asset-generating robots. But be aware: team players make Sculpt work. Not every project is glamorous, but they still require originality and attention.

And yeah, we print stuff too. So get ready to get crafty.

Graphic Design:

Images are the most delicious part of social media, and you own all that is visual. Expect to collaborate on branding campaigns, create style guides for social media, spearhead micro-content production, and add creative input into every client you get your hands on. We also dig illustrations and minimalism, and look highly at folks who do too.

Our clients have no box. You will think digital, traditional, and guerilla marketing. Think web, think mobile, think big and then think bigger.

Web Design:

You speak web, and you speak web well. While you might not have "full stack" in your Twitter bio, you're fully capable of making a gorgeous responsive site, and educating our clients on how to update it (using whatever CMS you please). Whether you build with Bootstrap or WordPress, sites we launch need to be beautiful and useful, inside and out. 


Branding isn’t limited to logos (but they are darn important). It’s everything a customer sees and touches. The brawn and brains of the client’s identity starts and ends with you. Experience building brand platforms makes us happy. 

Client Relations:

Client service is an art. You are one of the great masters. When your clients want to know why, you give them the goods, in their own language. You serve them as a professional guide to creative strategy and direction, and seek to help them win BIG. You are prompt in your responses and respectful in your replies -- never overwhelming and always helpful.  Managing expectations is the name of the game. Make your clients proud.   

And more.

You'll have plenty of room to grow. Competency in design and development is expected. But familiarity in these will take you far:

  • Multimedia Production (Photo/Video)
  • Copywriting and/or Community Management
  • SEO / Digital Strategy 

Collaboration is key:

You'll work with our digital strategist to plan paid activations. Team up with our community managers for social creative. Join clients for briefings and our CEO for strategy huddles.

Get the picture?  You are the synthesis of idea and action and we love you for that. Let's get going!


  • 2-4+ years of experience making beautiful web things
  • Demonstrated success in deadline and detail-oriented environments
  • Ability to create content appropriate for any canvas (we're looking at you, Snapchat)

Additional Information

To understand our people is to understand our core values. We look for those who are:

Doers. Big thinkers. Awesome. Uber talented. Passionate. Long-term focused. Process-driven. Collaborative. Improvisatory (have the "spark").

Want the gig? Some notes for your reply message:

a) List one brand (anything goes) you would LOVE to work for, and why?

b) Include a link to your portfolio and any relevant sites you've built. Pick one out to share with us: What was the goal of the project, and how did you accomplish it?

c) Prove you're a perfect fit for our team. Design a single image that answers why Sculpt should hire you. Be succinct. Appropriately size it for Facebook distribution, then host it online and send us the link.

We're a tight knit team, so the ability to work in-house and full-time is required (you can find our address here: ).

You should know a few things about us:

  • We're prone to impromptu photoshoots. Be prepared. Always.
  • We're young, but we're in it for the long-haul. And we want you to be too.
  • We work in the Iowa City CoLab -- a collaborative workspace for local startups and creatives.  

Questions you might ask:

Q: I have [too few/too many] years of experience. Am I still a good candidate?

A: Can you teach us new things? Will you add value every single day? Would we regret moving on without you? Then of course. But show, don't tell.

Q: I have a passion for [one skill], but am less crazy about [other skill]. Should I bother?

A: The answer is always no until you ask. We make exceptions for exceptional people. Let's talk.

Q: I'm interested, but I'm still a student. Are you accepting part-time work?

A: We hire part-time designers that punch above their weight. Is that you? Did we just answer a question with a question?

Q: What type of clients do you work with?

A: While we share a particular affinity for ambitious, entrepreneurial brands and mission-driven non-profits, Sculpt collaborates with clients of all shapes and sizes. If you like variety, you'll like us a lot.

*All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

** Not feeling the job title? Score the gig. Make up your own.