Change Management Specialist

  • Victoria, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

At Seeker Solutions, we build solutions to real-world business problems using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Our development teams support existing solutions, build new projects and enhancements, and research cutting-edge Natural Language Processing techniques. As we expand our client base into several new industries, we're undergoing a major growth stage in all of the departments.


Our offices are full of happy people who enjoy awesome perks (Nerf gun fights, gym memberships, a well-stocked kitchen, plus more) and are passionate about what they do. If you're not in our area and are open to moving, Victoria and Vancouver are beautiful cities, boasting vibrant cultural scenes and nearby locations for skiing and surfing.


If you're ready to help shape the future of our company and bring new NLP solutions to market, please apply. We are looking for people who love what they’re doing – because if you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life.

Job Description

Reporting to the Leadership Team, the Change Management Specialist will bring to bear their expertise in change management practices to focus on the people side of change – including changes to business processes, systems, technology and organization structures. Their primary focus will be creating and implementing change management plans that minimize employee resistance and maximize employee engagement. The Change Management Specialist will work with the Leadership Team, supervisors, project teams and the entire staff to reach faster adoption, greater ultimate utilization and higher proficiency on the changes impacting employees. Within Seeker, they are uniquely focused on ensuring that the expected benefits of a project or change are realized while the potential negative fallout of change are avoided.


The Change Management Specialist will act as a coach for senior leaders and executives in helping them fulfill the role of executive change sponsor. They will also support project teams (led both by PMs and by functional managers) in integrating change management activities into their project plans. Finally, the Change Management Specialist provides direct support and coaching to front-line managers and supervisors as they help their direct reports through transitions.


  • Applies a structured change management approach and methodology for the people side of change caused by projects and change efforts
  • Develops a change management strategy based on a situational awareness of the details of the change and the groups being impacted by the change
  • Identifies potential people-side risks and anticipated points of resistance, and develops specific plans to mitigate or address the concerns
  • Conducts readiness assessments, evaluates results and presents findings in a logical and easy-to-understand manner to project leaders and executives
  • Develops a set of actionable and targeted change management plans – including communication plan, sponsor roadmap, coaching plan, training plan and resistance management plan
  • Manages the portfolio and change load throughout the organization, looking at the big picture of all the changes underway and planned
  • Coaches managers and supervisors through change using ADKAR and change management best practices, both for them and for their reports
  • Supports the execution of plans by employee-facing managers and business leaders
  • Builds and maintains a strong rapport with employees
  • Provides actionable, trustworthy and timely information to the Leadership Team so that changes can be successful and negative fallout can be avoided; “speaks truth to power” using data and plans to support this key communication channel
  • Acts as an active and visible coach to executive leaders
  • Creates and manages measurement systems to track adoption, utilization and proficiency of individual changes
  • Identifies resistance and performance gaps, and works to develop and implement corrective actions
  • Creates and enables reinforcement mechanisms and celebrations of success
  • Works with project teams to integrate change management activities into the overall project plan
  • Works with communication, training, administrative and HR teams in the formulation of particular plans and activities to support change management tasks and project plan implementation
  • Builds and manages a Change Management Team, as needed

Salary:   Salary to be determined by experience 

Start date:  December 1, 2012 or sooner

Job Status:  Full time

Location:  Victoria


  • Excellent problem solving abilities, looking for win-win situations and out of the box, practical solutions
  • Able to work well in a team and alone
  • Planning skills and ability to document and organize a great deal of information
  • Prioritizing and managing time
  • Excellent listener
  • Compelling and competent written and spoken communication abilities (spoken: primarily in one-on-one situations)
  • Ability to work with all levels of the company, from executives to front-line workers
  • Leadership skills
  • High degree of professional integrity

Additional Information

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While Seeker Solutions Inc. values all applications we receive, only those candidates short-listed for further consideration will be contacted