Software Development Manager

  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

Who Are We?

Seeker Solutions is a software development company with a focus on the health informatics field. Founded in 2008 by CEO Duncan MacRae to research natural language processing and machine learning technologies, Seeker has grown to more than 60 people located in Victoria and Vancouver. Our competencies include large-scale data handling, free text processing, system integration, and information and knowledge discovery.


Seeker holds secure private funding, which allows us to focus on solving difficult problems with a long-term approach while adhering to our values. Our goal is to improve Health Outcome Management through the analysis of structured and unstructured data.


Why choose Seeker?

Seeker’s employees enjoy awesome perks and are passionate about what they do. We strive to give our team members what they need to get things done including:

  • Time outside core development activities to explore new ideas including seminars, hackathons, and scheduled time for developer-driven innovation
  • Support to expand both your technical and non-technical skills including expert-led in-house training and conference opportunities
  • A modern and engaging work environment with additional perks (i.e., gym memberships, a well-stocked kitchen, foosball, games room, and more)
  • Additional benefits to make your out-of-work life better: flexible leave, excellent health care packages, and employer RRSP contributions

Job Description

We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic individual to join our team in the role of Software Development Manger. This is a challenging role requiring both a strong background in the technical aspects of software development, along with a demonstrated aptitude for leading people through facilitation. In this position you will supervise members of a software development team, although you will be expected to primarily act as coach, mediator, and enabler, rather than as director of the team. As a Software Development Manager, your role will complement and support other influences such as Project Manager, Product Owner, and ScrumMaster. Notably, your focus will be on the growth of individual talent, vision, and responsibility among developers, within the context of business needs and organizational culture.

We have great developers at Seeker, but we are always striving to find new ways of empowering individuals and teams to be even greater. This is why we need you. Working together with other Software Development Managers, your main task will be to super-charge our development capabilities to keep up with our ever-expanding ambitions. If you have a passion for developing software applications that have a positive impact on the world, and you are at your best enabling the success of those around you, then this role is ideal for you!

A Software Development Manager is responsible for supervising and supporting the members of a development team. This is a truly multi-functional role in which candidates will need to be able to contribute meaningfully to the development of products, people, and technologies. Candidates will require a broad range of soft and hard skills that allow them to:

  • provide technical insight and advice regarding software and algorithm choices;
  • reinforce roles such as ScrumMaster, Product Owner, or Project Manager that are under-supported;
  • mediate and improve communication across teams and departments;
  • hold the team to account for commitments they have made to deliver outputs or uphold standards;
  • organize training opportunities to balance or improve the team's capabilities;
  • hire and build teams and reposition or replace in cases where training will not suffice
  • coach team members to formulate effective and viable plans for personal growth and contribution;
  • counsel individuals to improve their working relationships within the team, and throughout the organization;
  • oversee team expenditures and leave;
  • conduct performance reviews based on "360" feedback;
  • facilitate on-going, informal feedback and reflection within the team environment;
  • collaborate with the Development Management team to grow and adapt all teams to meet emerging needs;
  • champion technology and/or product vision to build enthusiasm and stimulate innovation in key business areas;
  • support the team through organizational changes



  • 6+ years of professional software development experience
  • 3+ years as part of team implementing Agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc.)
  • 3+ years in a leadership or management role, with responsibility for people as well as technical outcomes
  • Evident expertise with a variety of modern programming languages and platforms
  • Experience with development tools: IDEs, source control, ticket management, build & test automation
  • Experience carrying a software product through the full lifecycle of development from concept to maintenance
  • Demonstrated history of successful, self-directed professional growth
  • Demonstrated history of creating successful learning opportunities for others
  • Excellent communication skills: both written and spoken English
  • Resourceful: capable of strategizing and finding solutions proactively, with little guidance
  • Evident desire and ability to work as a team player: supporting team goals over personal ambition


  • Experience developing applications for clinical health research or monitoring
  • Experience designing and hardening secure software systems
  • Experience in quality assurance (QA): testing, empirical evaluation, and process standards
  • Experience as a researcher in statistics, machine learning, text analysis, or data visualization
  • Certified as a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.)
  • Certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Training & experience in Scrum roles: ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Scrum Trainer

Salary:   To Be Determined by Experience

Work Experience: Minimum of 6 years of professional software development including at least 3 years of team leadership responsibilities

Job Status:  Full time

Location:  Vancouver

Positions Available: 1

All applicants must be legally allowed to work in Canada.

Additional Information

Please forward your cover letter and resume in PDF or a Word document to 


While Seeker Solutions Inc. values all applications we receive, only those candidates short-listed for further consideration will be contacted