Data Scientist

  • San Francisco, US, San Francisco, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description

We make a suite of mobile and web applications that let sales and marketing teams have more meaningful interactions with their customers. We give these teams a full suite of apps across their phone, tablet, and laptop that help them prepare for, deliver, and follow up on sales meetings so that they can close more deals. You can learn more about the products at

Here are a few things that make Showpad a great place to work:

  • It’s a fun, growing startup in downtown SF with a great culture, competitive salaries, and amazing products
  • We’ve had a lot of success so far. With our initial $2M in funding, we closed over 500 deals including Intel, Audi, and Xerox. We hit revenue goals that companies 3 times our size would have been proud of. Based on that success, we just raised $8.5M in Series B and are continuing to grow in every department.
  • Our customers love us (and we love them!). Almost 100% of our customers renew their contracts at the end of the year.
  • Our founders are awesome. This is the second successful company they’ve started together.
  • We have an office in Belgium, which is a great place to visit. The whole company is taking a trip to the French Alps after our next all-hands.

Job Description

We’re designing our jobs around the great people we attract, which means you won’t find a listing of your day-to-day duties here. Instead, here’s a little bit about the problem we’re working on, and the opportunity you’ll have to contribute. 

We have tons of data about what happens during a sale over the course of weeks or months. In some cases, we know second-by-second what’s happening during and after a meeting. We’re building our Data & Analytics team to start mining that data and answer a simple question: why do some deals close and others flop? 

Imagine what happens if we actually figure it out. That means we know, scientifically, how to have great business meetings and how to close deals. That’s a total a game-changer!

While we’ve been focused on the Design & UX aspects until now, we know that we’re sitting on a goldmine. We’re hiring Data Engineers to build out our data warehouse and Data Scientists to own data mining projects.


If you have Data Science skills, and can prove it, we’ll tailor a role just for you. Some things that help:

  • Experience as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst at an impressive company
  • Experience working on data from SaaS, Web and/or Mobile products
  • A technical degree from an impressive university
  • Open source project contributions
  • Winning or placing in a Kaggle competition
  • Mastery of Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning
  • Ability to take Data Science projects from start (unstructured data) to finish (production-quality models)

Additional Information

What we offer:

  • A versatile full-time job in the beautiful center of San Francisco
  • A competitive salary with plenty of extra benefits
  • The opportunity to work for an exciting start-up conquering the world
  • A stimulating working environment, bright offices
  • Nice and passionate colleagues
  • Flexible hours
  • Endless supply of delicious fresh fruit and excellent coffee
  • Regular and fun team activities