Head of Promotions and Influencer Relations

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Single Grain was founded in 2007 with a dedicated focus on developing relationships with select clients to yield exponential returns on their search investment. Single Grain has since doubled its revenues, working with top caliber clients including several Fortune 500 companies.

In the evolving field of search marketing, it is solid search expertise – delivered on a one-to-one basis with clients – that is the real difference when looking for results. It is this singular reason that we have put together a team of the best minds in search marketing. These are the thought leaders featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur.com thanks to their industry leading expertise. Now we can leverage this robust portfolio of search knowledge to meet the precise needs of our clients.

Job Description

Primary Activities and Responsibilities

  • Promotional Strategy Development: You’ll be determining how the promotional budget is spent, which influencers to reach out to, and what feasible goals we’ll be focusing on achieving.


  • Ad Planning: Whether it be social, native, or any other form of advertising, you’ll be responsible for making sure that the ads are reaching and appealing to the right audience. You’ll also be responsible for identifying and gathering the resources you need to execute these campaigns.


  • Influencer Relations: Single Grain works with clients from a variety of different industries and interest genres. You’ll be responsible for identifying the influencers who already have the attention of the audience that each client is after and then developing relationships with those influencers that would lead to them publishing some of the content we create and engaging our client’s brands.


  • Persuading Influencers: Understand the motivations behind the identified influencers and present our content in a way that appeals to those motivations.



  • Asset Organization and Optimization: Each time you work on a project for a specific client you should be gathering new assets to use later on. These assets may be design elements, written content, data, or (even better) contact information and relationships with new influencers. Keeping track of these assets is almost as important as having them in the first place. With every project you should become more efficient and effective, constantly increasing the value of the service to our customers.



  • Project Reporting: You will be keeping track your promotional efforts through a variety of media and metrics. One the project has been completed, you’ll be responsible for compiling a report that shows how the project moved the needle on the client’s main KPIs and that we reached (and hopefully exceeded) our goals for the project.


Accountability: Manages agreed-upon promotional budgets, develops relationships with influencers, plans and develops advertising assets, persuades influencers to republish content, drives the success of each content piece, and reports to Director of Social Media & Content.

Business impact: The success of this role will be determined by the continual success of all content published and promoted by Single Grain as well as the steady increase in value of the content marketing service. 


Ideal candidate:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in public relations, interactive media, journalism, communications, marketing, or advertising. 
  • Have one to three years of experience in digital marketing with previous successes and experience in influencer outreach.
  • Have knowledge/experience with all forms of online advertising.
  • Be highly organized and goal driven. Someone who regularly beats deadlines and exceeds expectations. 
  • Be a determined and creative problem solver.
  • Have a thorough understanding of how digital marketing and, more specifically, content marketing directly impact a business' growth and revenue. 


Bonus Points:


  • Experience working with or coordinating with journalist and/or bloggers
  • Experience (and success) in creative copywriting. 
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the web culture and web economics.
  • Knowledgable about super heroes. 


To excel in this position you'll need to be highly organized while still being quick to adapt. You'll have a positive attitude and lead by example. You'll be a hungry learner with a passion for the digital marketing industry and you will understand how it changes and how to adapt to those changes.  


Things We Are Not Looking For: 


  • Fun haters
  • Idea Crushers/Creativity Killers
  • Mediocrity
  • People who say "Good enough."
  • Tech Haters
  • Naysayers
  • Blamers

    Additional Information

    If you read this entire job description and you feel like you're the gal/guy for the job, email your Resumé and links to some of you work (or your portfolio) to mike@singlegrain.com