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Company Description

At Skyworld Aviation

Our mission : is simple to offer value-and- cost effective aviation services with unparalleled values and unrivalled flexibility.

Vision : When we started our only vision was to become one of the leading and respected aviation companies in Philippines. Slowly we have diversified and are today counted amongst one of the most trusted aviation companies in Asia Pacific.

Mission : Our mission is to serve customers above their expectations by offering them excellent aviation services in the area of aircraft charter, aircraft part sales, and support for sky sports. We also offer pilot training courses to aspirants who wish to fly high and conquer the skies with their cheerful attitude.

We have worked towards fulfillment of this mission with our “zero compromise on quality” approach. We have only hired highly qualified and certified professionals, and adhere to optimum standards of safety.

Through our established networks in the industry, we manage to gather data on airports, latest legislation, fuel prices, and routes – to offer most cost-effective charter services to our clients.

Job Description

Course outline

We’re here to expand your horizons, and offer you a variety of experiences that will help you soar. The Cadet Pilot Programme is a 55 week long training programme conducted at Flight Training Manila. FTM has successfully trained airline cadets since 2011 and is equipped with the very latest in technology, simulators and resources.

The Skyworld Aviation Cadet Pilot Programme typically comprises training for people with little or no flying experience. Our goal is to help you achieve your dream of becoming a fully qualified Second Officer at Airlines.

You will initially undergo just over one year of training at Skyworld Aviation Academy. Training includes 160 hours of flying by day and night, in a variety of single and twin-engine light aircraft, and 40 hours in simulators. Our intensive programme of classroom lectures will also prepare you for the many examinations that must be passed before you can obtain your CPL licence.

After successful completion of the FTM course, you will return BASE as a Second Officer, and embark on your new career. The first three to five months of your return will focus on induction, ground school training, full-flight simulator sessions, and line flying. These three months are intended to consolidate what you’ve learnt about multi-crew operations, as well as introduce commercial considerations and other operational requirements. You will also learn more technical aspects that are specific to the aircraft type that you will fly.


The Cadet Pilot Programme is a 55 week programme forany nationality applicany with zero or little flying experience. There are also two entry programmes to incorporate global applicants, these include:

The Advanced Entry programme – a 32 week programme for applicants who possess an ICAO CPL and have in excess of 250 hours flight time in specified categories.

The Transition Training programme – a 5 week programme for applicants with an ICAO ATPL, with a minimum of 1500 hours total time, including 500 hours multi-engine time on aircraft with a MTOW greater than 2000kg.

Private Pilot

40 hours of flight time in a Cessna 152

35 hours of instructor time

20 hours of ground school time

Course Books and Materials

CAAP Written Exam

CAAP Checkride

CAAP Medical

Instrument Rating

25 hours of flight time in a Cessna 172

35 hours of instructor time

20 hours of ground school time

Course Materials

CAAP Written Exam

CAAP Checkride

Time Building

150 hours of flight time in a Cessna 152 to build time

Single Engine Commercial Rating

20 hours of flight time in a Piper Arrow

20 hours of instructor time

5 hours of ground school time

Course Materials

CAAP Written Exam

CAAP Checkride

Multi Engine/ Commercial/ Instrument Rating

15 hours of multi time/Dual

5 hours of ground school time

CAAP Checkride

On Job Training Programe-

200 hours of Piper Aztec

40 hours of Ground School Time

CAAP Check ride

.3yrs Job contract with salary and incentives after passing all check rides and examinations .

Cost of Total Programe will be send directly to students once receive there documents and Application Form .it inculdes Accomodation,Transportation,Caap Medical and examination fees.


Medically fit

good english communication skills

High school 

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