Operations Clerk

  • San Jose, CA
  • Contract

Company Description

We employ Operations Clerk who can direct and coordinate organization's financial and budget activities.

To be successful for this role you must be able to demonstrate a proven ability in the field and be self motivated to get the job done within a team environment.

Job Description

  - Position: Operations Clerk
Type:    Contract
Salary:   700/week [36 400/year] ,
Hours:      12 hours/week ,

- High School Diploma;
- Multi-tasking skills;
- Detail oriented.

Could you please send your Resume (CV) and it'll be redirected to HR Department.
Altterno, LLC

Additional Information

Altterno is a management consulting company; our main area of expertise is leadership effectiveness. We help to plan key strategic steps fostering your company to grow, improving its general performance and increasing gross profits.

Taking into account challenging conditions on the market, Altterno comes up with detailed customizable programs concerning the changes your company can make to get ahead of the competition. In order to increase your results, we help you promote value-based management. Altterno’s management development solutions include both consulting and training services.