Co-Founder & COO @ BUTIQE - B2B Marketplace Startup (f/m/d)

  • Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 20, 80333 München, Germany
  • Full-time

Company Description

We are Stryber - the largest independent corporate portfolio builder in the DACH region. We help our clients launch new digital ventures from scratch (and fix the strategy behind it) as well as build our own ventures.

Our Approach. We build web/mobile prototypes and MVPs to test and iterate business ideas quickly in the market. Later, we scale and grow the most promising ones to let them become leading solutions in their market.

This is where you come in. We carve out several successful MVPs per year into separate legal entities, hire a dedicated management team, and raise an investment round, so the venture has the best chance to become the next unicorn! The business case is already validated, initial processes have been established, and a first loyal customer base exists. Now we need you to achieve a product-market fit and scale the venture further. For that the founder team also needs to raise a seed investment round within the first 6 months.

The venture. We have built a wholesale marketplace connecting boutique-style retailers with selected makers of unique products. Our mission is to redefine the way retailers shop for their stores. On retailers have easy access to new, quality products from selected makers. Beyond that, we offer retailers free returns just like they are used to as private customers, thus enabling them to test products risk-free. Our goal is to strengthen local makers and to make every article in a retailer’s shop a bestseller!

Job Description

As Co-Founder you are part of the founding team and in the role of the COO you are fully responsible for the growth and operational excellence of the company – build a scalable kick-ass team and ensure continued business growth and excellence on both sides of the marketplace. This includes:

  • Being responsible for all business operations, focus on marketing, sales, support, back-office/supply chain operations
  • Designing and implementing business strategies, plans and procedures
  • Definition, validation, and monitoring of growth-related KPIs
  • Creating and implementing strategies to increase AOV and purchase frequency of existing customers
  • Represent the company on relevant fairs and events and generating new leads
  • In the beginning a very hands-on attitude: identifying and expanding scalable sales and growth channels by engaging local retailers for our product and convert them into long-term loyal customers (demand side) as well as owning the entire maker sales process from identifying the right makers, to managing the lead process, getting in touch and agreeing to list their products on our platform (supply side)
  • Raising a seed funding round right after the start as fast as possible (we will support and provide you with access to our network of investors)
  • Once seed funding is secured: hiring the key positions in Brand Partnerships, Sales and Growth as well as back-office and building high-performing teams

Together with your co-founders you will own the majority of the company, so this a real founder opportunity. We are an investor and not protecting the founders from default risks and challenges that come with starting a company (e.g. running out of cash).

The setup is equal to that of any startup, but with us you already get a proven idea with initial traction, co-founders, some small starting capital, and access to our network and expertises. Read more here.


  • You are among the 1% of people who are true entrepreneurs at heart! This is a real founder opportunity. You have a strong burning desire to start your own company and are willing to take all the sacrifices and risks it comes with (bankruptcy, not being able to pay you a salary for months, hard work needed day and night to close customers and funding rounds, etc.) Otherwise: don't apply and look for a regular employee job.
  • Founder of a startup or have held a Senior Operations or Sales position in a startup with significant achievements in your role
  • Relevant operations, marketing, growth, sales, supply chain experience, ideally in B2B sales and the retail sector
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree with outstanding academic results, preferably in the field of business, science or engineering
  • Fluent in German and English with excellent communication and public speaking skills
  • You are not afraid to work hands-on as co-founder: product building, running marketing campaigns, doing B2B sales, approaching potential customers on the street, doing financial calculations, talk to potential investors→ get ready to do it all in the early stages of your venture!
  • Hands on experience with CRM and SEO tools, like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, HubSpot, WebTrends, SalesForce, etc. is a strong plus
  • An entrepreneurial mindset with outstanding organizational and leadership skills
  • Inspiring leader, who knows how to sell and convince others for your ideas - you know how to sell
  • Strong analytical and creative problem solving skills
  • You are self-driven, ready to hustle every day (and night) and get things done
  • Achiever mentality: You can show a track record of extraordinary accomplishments and previous entrepreneurial activities
  • Data and customer-driven with a solid concept on how to implement this in your daily work
  • Being able to pay in your share capital amount (typically between 6.000€ and 7.500€)

Additional Information

  • A seed stage opportunity: a solid product, a business model proven by real transactions, attractive unit economics and a kick-ass founding team - You can build your own company from the ground up
  • A co-founder opportunity with an attractive equity package (you OWN this company together with your co-founders = you hold the majority of shares).
  • Depending on the monthly revenue and the initial runway provided by Stryber you can also pay yourself a small base salary, which is up to you and your co-founders to decide - you manage your cashflow! The salary increases appropriately over time (with additional funding rounds and increasing revenue), you can check out our salary template for indications. 
    Don't apply if: you feel not ready to survive with little or any salary for some months to keep the company not run out of cash too soon or you expect to earn beyond €50.000/anno
  • The senior team at Stryber always has your back: we are specialists in product, scalable operations, growth, fundraising ... and provide you with guidance, structure, and honest feedback
  • We will build a strong founding team around you with skills that complement you and significantly increases the likeliness of success
  • Fame and glory for what you will have built
  • Valuable support from peer startups within the Stryber portfolio and a highly professional operational team at Stryber, when needed
  • A highly dynamic and energetic environment within the Stryber family
  • Access to our co-investor as well as corporate network

Start date: asap

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