Anti-Violence Coordinator

  • 3600 Rue McTavish, Montréal, QC H3A 0G3, Canada
  • Contract

Company Description

With over 20,000 members, SSMU’s role is to represent students and to offer services since 1908.

Job Description

Review and update the SSMU Gendered and Sexual Violence Policy. Ensure that the structures needed to implement the GSVP are in place throughout the academic year. Act as a GSVP expert for all SSMU staff and members. 


  1. Consult with other resources including SACOMSS, OS-VRSE and OurTurn National to continue to develop a gendered and sexual violence training program to be administered employees, club members, ISG members, service members and SSMU elected representatives;
  2. Execute all trainings for SSMU members and staff;
  3. Consult with stakeholder groups on campus such as SACOMSS and OSVRSE on all projects related the gendered and sexual violence undertaken by SSMU;
  4. Act as a resource for SSMU executives, students and student groups on policy relating to sexual violence;
  5. Manage and respond to all GSVP cases and disclosures;
  6. All other tasks as assigned by the Human Resources Manager.


  • An understanding of equity, anti-Oppressive principles, and the intersectional impacts of sexual violence
  • Experience in research, report-writing, and/or policy development;
  • Extensive knowledge of existing policy against sexual violence, especially in the university context;
  • Knowledge of both SSMU and McGill’s governance structure;
  • Extensive knowledge of, or involvement with, grassroots work against sexual violence on campuses;
  • Experience in student advocacy, representation, and awareness-building;
  • Training in pro-survivor responses to sexual violence;
  • Good organization and planning skills;
  • An  understanding of Québec Labour Laws relating to workplace sexual violence an asset ;
  • Good communication skills in English; French is an asset ;

Additional Information

  • Paid position: $15.10/hour
  • Hours per week: up to 15 hours per week;
  • Contract: May 25th, 2020 to April 31st, 2021;
  • Deadline to apply is on May 18th, 2020