Business Manager

  • Chicago, IL
  • Full-time

Company Description

Client is looking for a Business/Facility Manager for one of their Health Care facilities.

Job Description

The Business Managers primary function is to manage to Business Office which consists of the Business Manager and their assigned Administrative Support Personnel.  Administrative Support may include but is not limited to the Office Manager, Executive Assistant and Technical Support Specialist.  The following outlines the primary functions of the Business Office.  The tasks associated with these functions may be performed by either the Business Manager or his/her designee.  Delegated tasks are performed under the supervision of the Business Manger.


Primary Functions of the Business Office:


1.  Budgeting

  • Assist the Executive Vice President (EVP) in the development of the Company’s general operating budget
  • Update budget as requested by EVP
  • Review monthly accounting/financial statements with the EVP to ensure appropriate allocations according to program budget


2.  Billing/Accounts Receivable

  • Liaison between billing company, providers and the center  
  • Ensure payments are received and appropriately allocated
  • Follow up with billing company on rejected billings and vouchers
  • Close out fiscal contracts by ensuring all billings are submitted and paid according to contract specifications


3.  Payroll


  • Collect, review and file time sheets from full and part time staff
  • Generate bi-weekly payroll report using bi-weekly time
  • Distribute payroll checks to employees
  • File and maintain payroll information in the Business Office


4.      Purchase Orders


  • Review Department Purchase Orders to ensure compliance with Company budget and spending guidelines
  • Purchase Orders must be signed off on by the Department Manager who’s department is being charged
  • Once the PO has been reviewed and approved by the Business Manager it is then returned to the Office Manager for distribution to the purchasing agent




5.      Accounts Payable


The Business Office is responsible for ensuring that all Company bills are paid in a timely fashion.  In order to accomplish this, the following procedure should be adhered to.


  • Office Manager provides the Business Manager with original invoices on a weekly basis. 
  • Business Manager reviews all invoices for accuracy
  • Business Manager then enters invoices into the accounting system
  • Once all invoices have been entered a text message should be sent to the Treasurer, informing him that payables are loaded into the system
  • The Treasures process checks on Thursday and sends via overnight delivery for delivery on Friday
  • Checks are received by the Office Manager and distributed accordingly.
  • Paid invoices are maintained in the Business Office



6.  Audit Support


The Company either receives funding from several sources including Commercial insurance carries, the Department of Public Health, CMS, Department of Labor as well as self paying clients.  As a result The Company is subject to both fiscal and program audits from the following agencies:

  • Commercial Insurance Carriers
  • Department of Labor
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Illinois Department of Health



Audit support includes but may not be limited to scheduling onsite visits, providing HR and financial records, billing records, patient records, facilities maintenance logs, operations manuals and responding to other inquires.  In the event of an audit, the Treasurer and Corporate Secretary should be notified by sending a copy of the correspondence from the auditing entity. 


7.       HR - File Maintenance


The Business Manager is primarily responsible for maintaining company Human Resource (HR) files.  HR files include employees, independent contractors and interns.  HR files are kept in accordance with IRS, DOL, IDPH and CMS guidelines.  An annual internal audit is conducted by the Business Manager with the assistance of the Office Manager to ensure compliance. 



Experience in managing a Health Care facility needed.

Experience with Insurance, especially with Medicare and Medicaid.

Experience with HR Management: New hire paperwork & Reporting