Retail Associate

  • Part-time

Company Description

Taylor Stitch is an incredibly dynamic clothing retailer that prides itself on designing unique and authentic men's and women's wear, with a new product releasing everyWednesday. Needless to say, it's an ambitious undertaking, and things around here are fast-paced and fun. Our small team consists of a handful of exceptionally talented and hardworking folks who don’t mind wearing more than a few hats and stepping in to help out wherever is needed.


Some people say that retail is dead. We believe it has changed, that it is vital and that it is better than ever. 
This is an opportunity to learn what dynamic retail is all about. We are looking for retail sales associates who are passionate about retail and who are looking for a long term growth position within a company. You must love sales and have had had previous retail experience. 
Our shop offers world class customer service that is delivered in an intelligent, friendly and casual manner. The staff at our shop are as comfortable speaking about selvage denim and waxed workwear as they are helping a customer design a custom shirt to pair with the khaki suit for a wedding this summer. 
Our store is fast paced. Every day is a good mix of friends, neighborhood locals, as well as new and old clients. Everyone wears more than a few hats and knows how to tailor our shop's service to a particular client. 

Job Description

Sales and Customer Service
  • Greet and determine the needs of every customer that walks through the door.
  • Know every product inside and out and be able to tell the story behind it.
  • Quickly become comfortable with measuring and selling custom shirts.
  • Handle product returns and repairs impressively. We stand behind every product for the life of it and take pride in friendly, no hassle returns.
  • Help grow our customer base by adding customers to our email list.
  • Be an integral part in the conversation between the sales staff and production team. Give feedback to help better product and fits and alert production if there are any problems with the product.
  • Be comfortable speaking on the phone. We often times follow up with customers on the phone to let them know their alterations are ready or custom shirts are in.

Merchandising and Maintenance
  • Keep the floor fully stocked at all times. Make sure what is on the floor is folded or hung and merchandised properly.

  • Continue to think of new ways to merchandise our collections in shop and keep the appearance of the store fresh.
  • Maintain a clean and well-organized stock area.

  • Maintain and clean and well-organized sales floor

  • Come to work on time and let us know in advance if you are feeling sick.
  • Quickly learn how to sell and refund on our simple POS system.
  • Be able to ship out special customer orders and online orders.
  • Maintain organized records for custom shirts, hems, returns and backordered products.

Physical Requirements:
  • Be able to be on your feet for 8 hours.
  • Continually able to walk up and down staircase, carrying boxes, product, and other necessary store related items.
 Ability to regularly perform store maintenance.
  • Ability to safely lift boxes up to 55 lbs.

  • Comfortable climbing ladders

You must be able to work both five days a week, including Saturday and Sunday. 


  • Be an excellent salesperson and able to deliver exceptional customer service. 

  • Previous retail or sales experience is a must.

  • Excellent organizational skills.

  • Accuracy and attention to detail.

  • Effective communication skills.

  • Self-motivated.

  • Ability to effectively work with team.

Additional Information

How to Apply:

Now's your time to shine. Hit that button that says, 'I'm Interested' and tell us why are you the person we need to hire. Tell us a story or something that proves to us you want to be part of this quickly growing company. We hate to call it a cover letter because we think those sound corporate and well, that's just not us. Upload a resume too while you're at it.  We're excited to meet you!