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Company Description

Upland Point Corporation serves individuals with a variety of disabilities and offers a range of services from assisted living in WI, to supported home care and work environments. Our competent staff are trained to accommodate individual needs, including challenging behaviors. Our living environments, located in the communities of Mineral Point, Darlington, Dodgeville, Highland, Boscobel, and Prairie du Chien , offer comfort, quality care, diverse activities, local produce, and home cooked meals.

Recruiting for Upland Point Corporation is being done by TPCHR in Middleton, WI.

Job Description

  1. Know resident’s individual service plan (ISP), including: medication and possible side effects, Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), dietary needs, mental and emotional health plan, allergies, transfers and contact information.
  2. Manage your time to meet our residents’ needs while maintaining a clean and safe environment.
  3. Demonstrate knowledgeable and safe use of all adaptive equipment (ie: gait belts, hoyers, EZ strands, etc.) as specified in residents’ ISPs and as otherwise directed to prevent injury to staff and/or residents.
  4. Utilize Residex and other avenues of documentation provided by Upland Point, for monitoring and recording health, behaviors, medication records, activities and other important information for each resident in your care within a timely matter.
  5. Prepare meals and snacks, taking into consideration storage guidelines, inventory, prep lists, menus, recipes and state regulations.
  6. Work to create a happy and healthy environment for you and the residents by setting a good example in terms of attitude, reliability, communication and teamwork.
  7. Enthusiastically provide population-appropriate and resident centered activities within the community and the home that are safe, fun and cost-effective.
  8. Maintain all interior and exterior areas of egrass (evacuation pathways) including snow and debris removal according to state regulations.
  9. Have knowledge of the facility emergency and evacuation procedures and equipment and complete emergency drills as assigned.

10.  Know and understand the importance of HIPAA laws and maintain confidentiality of all company and resident records and information at all times, in or outside of the workplace.


  1. Must be at least 18 years old.
  2. No previous caregiver experience is required.  Hires must satisfactorily complete all required training and testing.
  3. Must be able to successfully pass State-required background checks.
  4. Cannot have communicable diseases (i.e. TB).  Must pass a pre-hire health exam.
  5. Must be able to read/write English well enough to understand and complete paperwork appropriately and speak it well enough to communicate with clients.
  6. Must be willing and able to maintain good attendance and flexibility in scheduling.  Individuals must be able to work at least every other weekend on average, holidays, night shifts (second and third shift hours).  Individuals must be able to work any shift in a given week.
  7. Must demonstrate good personal grooming including shaving habits, good skin, hair, nails and oral care.  Likewise, must be willing and able to provide good personal care (i.e. showering, toileting, bathing, dressing and personal hygiene) to clients and to groom the opposite sex.  Individuals must be willing and able to handle personal care issues such as: changing adult diapers, catheter and colostomy bags; peri-care (cleaning urinary and rectal orifices); nail care; brush client’s teeth and handle all types of bodily fluids.
  8. Must be willing and able to take disabled individuals into the community at least once per week and not be bothered by community reaction.
  9. Must be able to support and foster an appropriate house community.  This includes serving clients as invisible hands, enabling clients to live with dignity and with as much independence as possible or reasonable; building caring relationships; showing initiative and anticipating client needs (i.e. grooming clients, handling other personal care, etc.); demonstrating sound problem solving/decision-making skills within acceptable parameters, being patient with clients and handling stressful situations.

10.  Must be able to handle basic mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) particularly when it comes to handling money.  Must be able to understand fractions as they pertain to recipes/cooking/baking.

11. Ideally, an individual will have a driver’s license, but unless a particular house has a need otherwise, a driver’s license is not required.


Essential Physical / Mental Requirements:

  • Ability to push/pull 100# in order to move lift assist and other items over carpeted floors, across sidewalks, and on inclines/declines.
  • Ability to lift at least 40# to the waist, 20# to shoulder height and 10# overhead.  In all cases, the individual must be able to twist, bend and reach with this weight.  Typical physical demands may include: transferring clients, shoveling snow, walking with laundry baskets, moving wheelchairs, etc.
  • Must be able to walk and be able to ascend and descend stairs, sometimes carrying up to 20#.
  • Must be able to see in order to service the clients.
  • At times, due to a variety of factors including disability status, clients may not be pleasant/respectful to staff.  Caregivers must be able to handle critical / sarcastic comments and handle client physical contact appropriately.

Additional Information

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An Equal Opportunity Employer