Lead Bioinformatics Developer

  • 152 West 57th Street, New York, New York, us
  • Full-time

Company Description

Pillar Health (www.pillarhealth.com) is a leading team of scientists and entrepreneurs with deep expertise in health, nutrition, molecular diagnostics, and artificial intelligence. Our mission is to empower individuals to find and maintain optimal health and wellness by democratizing access to actionable tools and information from leading-edge biomedical research. We develop products that customize scientific health and wellness innovations to fit individual characteristics, lifestyle, and physiological states. Pillar is developing innovative new diagnostic and intelligence platforms to help individuals make more personalized, healthy, and informed consumer health decisions.

Job Description

The individual in the Lead Bioinformatics Developer role will have a unique, ground-floor opportunity to work with the Pillar Health team to design and implement the technology and software stack that will support bioinformatics and data science infrastructure as well as digital product development and support activities. The individual in this role will report directly to the scientific co-founders of Pillar Health and will have significant freedom and latitude to guide infrastructure and technology development. 

Specific responsibilities of this position include:

  • Develop workflows from existing algorithms, or modify bioinformatics methods to analyze NGS, proteomics, and metabolomics data. This includes development of novel bioinformatics methods as needed to answer biological questions to meet R&D objectives. Demonstrate validity of methods through prototypes and benchmarking using appropriate controls.
  • Develop and implement procedures to version, review, test, and refactor source code and work flows for development and production.
  • Develop and implement machine learning methods using combinations of available tools and custom algorithms.
  • Work with product development teams to ensure that the technology stack and analytics capabilities adequately support product development requirements.
  • Work with scientific co-founders and other scientific staff to perform integrative bioinformatics analysis to extract commercial and scientific insights from public and proprietary data.
  • Collaborate with external partners on technology integration, co-development, or scientific collaborations.


Required Education, Skills and Experience:

  • Ph.D. in computational biology, bioinformatics, or related discipline or 5+ years demonstrated equivalent experience of applied work in bioinformatics or related disciplines.
  • Minimum of 4 years of hands-on experience with all steps of large-scale DNA- or RNA-Seq data analysis (FASTQ through variant calling or differential expression including QC).
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Python and/or R.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with bioinformatics tools such as major packages from Bioconductor and workflow tools such as CWL.
  • 3+ years experience with high performance computing and/or cloud computing infrastructure.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with technology stack deployment technologies such as Docker or Kubernetes.
  • Routine use of version control (e.g. git, svn).
  • Background in genetics, computational biology, or related discipline.
  • Good communication, writing, and presentation skills.
  • Passionate and fast-moving.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Experience with shotgun metagenomics, multi-omic data integration, and epigenetic profiling.
  • Experience with long-read sequencing technologies.
  • Experience in professional software development for high-demand, high-availability web products or services.
  • Experience with machine learning platforms such as TensorFlow or ApacheMX.

Additional Information