Lead Sound Designer M/F

  • Lyon, France
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Description de l'entreprise

Ubisoft is one of the world leaders in the creation, editing and distribution of video games and interactive services, with a rich portfolio of internationally acclaimed brands. Ubisoft's teams, through its worldwide network of studios and distribution subsidiaries, are committed to providing players with original and unforgettable game experiences on all popular platforms.

As part of its development, Ubisoft is looking for its Production Studio, Ivory Tower, based in Lyon and creator of the successful title "The Crew": a Lead Sound Designer M/F

Description du poste

The lead sound designer will ensure the bridge between the audio artistic direction of the game and its implementation within the technical and production constraints. The incumbent will be the audio referent in production on its technical aspects and make certain that we keep on track within the game vision and quality expectancy scope.


The main and routine tasks of the Lead Sound Designer are to :

Assess needs and quality with the Audio Director, define actions to take accordingly after consulting the team and other departments if applicable ;

- Prototype and communicate the “how to” meet the art and tech objectives to the team with the Audio Director and Associate Producer ;

- Represent the team in discussions when general sound design expertise is needed ;

- Help to assess the risks concerning his scope, and to find mitigations

- Establish and document the technical audio charter based on the creative direction and define technical audio needs (tools, process, etc.) for the project to ensure proper integration, in collaboration with the Audio Director and the programmers. Ensure technical watch and share it with other teams ;

- Design and integrate audio content for the game ;

- Leads performance optimization phases and debugging phases, in collaboration with the Audio Director and Associate Producer;

- Ensure that best work practices are implemented and optimized within the team to guarantee the validity and integrity of the data, in collaboration with the associate producer ;

- Supervise the work of the audio team from technical perspectives by providing individual feedback and/or actively participate to group audio reviews to ensure that the team’s work meets quality standard, technical constraints and remains in line with the audio vision ;

- Determine project human resource needs for the audio group with the associate producer and audio director, follow up and foster the team on their technical development to make them progress in their careers ;

- Communicate and share knowledge and experiences with other leads (internal or within Ubisoft) to ensure the effectiveness of the audio community and its evolution within the group ;

- Coach team members to foster their development so that they progress in their careers;

- Supervise the work of the audio team from the artistic and technical perspectives by providing individual feedback and/or actively participate to group audio reviews to ensure that the team’s work meets quality standard and remains in line with the audio vision;


Academical background :

- Bachelor's degree in music or audio or professional training in audio 

- Computer science training an asset 


Relevant Experience :

- At least eight years' experience in audio production for video games 

- Delivery of over three AAA games as part of a production team (mandatory)


Skills and Knowledge :

- Strong ability of problem solving, artistic vision “translation” and ability to challenge ;

- Strong communication skills with various people (art / tech / prod / etc., sound designers junior and seniors, etc.), pleased to work in team ;

- Wwise and audio post process plugins mastering, performance optimization strong knowledge, knowledge of the audio engines available on the market is an asset ;

- Experience in Vehicle sonorization would be an asset ;

- Organization skills, rigorous, autonomous, ability to plan and to step back to anticipate needs and risks ;

- Technical curiosity, creativity ;

- Ability to provide constructive feedback ;

- Resilient to stress and able to work with tight deadlines ;

- Ability to quickly learn and master new softwares ;

- Extensive knowledge of DAW tools (e.g. Pro Tools, Cubase, Reaper);

- Solid knowledge of studio audio equipment and the research process;

- Ability to communicate a vision;

- Extensive musical knowledge as a musician and/or composer;



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