Technical Artist

  • 1415 Western Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, USA
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time

Company Description

Valkyrie Entertainment is a video game development studio based in Seattle. Since 2002, we have worked with world-class game developers and publishers and we are a proud member of PlayStation Studios.

At our studio, you will have the opportunity to work with an experienced and diverse team while contributing to a wide variety of projects and styles.

Job Description

As a Technical Artist, you will be the bridge between the art and engineering teams. You possess the multi-disciplinary knowledge necessary to help determine and support the needs of the teams and projects studio-wide.

You will work with all departments to ensure art content and features are smoothly and efficiently integrated into the game while respecting the artistic vision and technical constraints of the project. 

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Support and empower artists and engineers in the efficient creation and implementation of high-quality art assets
  • Solve challenging technical issues in the game development pipeline and tooling
  • Create art assets that require high technical skill or specialist knowledge (VFX, Shaders, Post-processing, etc.)
  • Research and develop technical tools for a project
  • Researching the latest advances in graphics technology and implementation of rendering techniques
  • Assisting in asset performance and validation
  • Evaluating software and tools to facilitate game art production
  • Working within the limits of the game engine, curating file sizes, polygon counts, and loading speeds
  • Improve and maintain graphics features and the graphics pipeline for all projects studio-wide
  • Create and maintain technical documentation


  • ​​3+ years professional experience as a technical artist or equivalent role
  • Solid understanding of art and animation pipelines
  • Strong understanding of game systems and the game development process 
  • Strong knowledge of scripting languages (Python, MEL, VEX, Perl, etc)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience in the full pipeline of digital art content creation (high and low-poly modeling, unwrapping, baking, texturing, level art, etc.)
  • Proficient as a user and tools developer for art content creation tools (Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Houdini, etc.)
  • Experience developing custom tools for Digital Content Creation tools (Maya, Max, etc.)
  • Professional experience with game editors and engines (UE4, Unity, etc.) on shipped titles

Bonus Qualifications

  • Experience with shader development in 3D content creation packages and game engines.
  • Experience in physics simulations
  • Experience with rigging and animation
  • Rendering and post-effects experience


Additional Information

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