UNIX Systems Administrator

  • New York, NY
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Company Description

Vector Systems Inc.

Job Description

Tasks & Duties
• Develop System Design Specifications.
• Develop and prepare document for the general design of solutions that meet system and security requirements, including the selection of alternative approaches.
• Develop specifications for databases, communication systems, hardware, network, security, storage and software configurations.
• Develop, compile, Maintain and document configurations of the following: databases, servers,
computers, security and network monitor systems, packaged programs, macros, and utilities.
• Develop System Documentation.
• Develop operational and installation procedures for communication systems, hardware, network, security, storage and software.
• Develop guidelines and upgrade techniques of new operational procedures for the support of databases, hardware systems, operating systems software, network systems software, and security systems.
• Develop detailed systems operations designs.
• Perform System Design/Coding.
• Works with MIS staff (e.g. managers, senior programmers, support staff, product manager) to plan
program code implementation, enhancements and changes.
• Creates, tests and Maintain program code.
• Designs reports, audit trails/logs and security mechanisms.
• Provide assistance to MIS technical support staff when they are unable to resolve a program, database, or IT issue by themselves.
• Occasionally contacts Program Area staff, as needed, to clarify the intent of a new feature or resolve a problem.
• Provide general programming assistance to other MIS programmers/projects as needed.
• Perform Testing/Evaluation.
• Tests programs and systems, and integrates system modules.
• Develop, implements, and monitors information technology quality assurance standards.
• Performs other duties.

Required Skills
• Minimum 8 Years Experience understanding the UNIX based operations system: understands paging and swapping, inter process communication, can perform system analysis and tuning.
• Minimum 8 Years Experience understanding networking/distributed environments, the principals of routing, client/server programming, and the design of consistent network wide file systems.
• Minimum 8 Years Experience in the ability to program in at least one, preferably two administrative languages (shell, Perl, Tk), port C programs from one platform to another, and write small C programs.
• Minimum 8 Years Experience in the ability to communicate effectively, on both a technical and non-technical level, with appropriate Agency staff at all levels, as well as with vendors.
• Minimum 8 Years Experience in the ability to identify tasks which should be automated and then write tools to automate them.
• Minimum 8 Years Experience in the ability to solve problems quickly and completely.
• Minimum 8 Years Experience in the ability to handle multiple projects and deadlines



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