Copywriter - BlackFriday Deals

  • Remote, OR

Company Description

Venture Media is unique.  Think of it like a tech lab, building and evolving great tech ideas and projects with millions of eyeballs on our projects across mobile, social and the web.  The success of our mobile/web/social projects such as, our domain platform,, (and more) have allowed us the luxury of picking and choosing new or revamped ideas to either run with, or gather learning from to add to another project.

Job Description

We are looking for a writer who is also passionate about deals, sales, and can write on the subject with great authority.  Anyone can echo a few boring lines about what is on sale until the cows come home, but a great writer who knows fantastic deals, who is an avid deal-hunter/shopper themselves and relates to what appeals to the hearts of all those Black Friday shoppers out there - THAT is what we are looking for.  Our audience of 20+ Million will settle for nothing less.

Think creative, engaging and "in the trenches" writing.  A touch of humor, personality, warmth and zeal are paramount to reaching our deal-hunter's hearts but credibility on what is really a good deal of course, trumps it all.

As our writer, you will be working approximately 8:00AM -- 4:00PM PST but also be keen to be on call and very reachable (phone, Skype, text, email, telepathy) when we have a special, big ad break.  This gig is exciting, and doesn't last long but MILLIONS will see your articles as we have a huge reach across web, mobile and FB. 


This copywriter contract will last from now until December 1st, 2015.


This can be remotely based if you are reachable or if you are in Vancouver, BC, on-site.


  • Deal savvy.  You can pick up a flyer and know what the hot deal is and which store is going to be most appealing to Black Friday shoppers.
  • 3 + years of experience publishing articles, especially retail-focused articles
  • Ability to commit to 40 hours or more a week between now and December 1, 2015 with flexibility to be available during other hours as the season peaks towards the end of November.

Additional Information


  1. Apply with your resume
  2. Tell us a little bit about yourself on your cover letter and why you love Black Friday.
  3. Flex your writing chops and deal savvy by composing a Black Friday article (three paragraphs long) based on this Target Black Friday Ad:

You can see more on us at and please remember to use American spelling and references Americans understand.  You can attach Word/PDF docs during your application process or shoot us a link to a GoogleDoc or temporary website. 

Candidates who do not submit a writing sample on the Black Friday Target Ad will not be able to qualify for this opportunity.


 We really appreciate all applications and we will contact you if you are selected for an interview.