DSP Engineer

  • Foster City, CA
  • Contract

Company Description

Job Description

DSP Engineer/ Digital Signal Processing


Source separation  (Signal separation, blind source separation)

Echo cancellation

Noise reduction


Location: Foster City, CA

Rate: $69.34/hr

Contract: W2, 5+ months (possible extenstion) 


Location: Foster City, CA


Position Overview: (Describes the general purpose of the job / why the job exists)        

To support voice recognition SDK development for  games.


Principle Duties / Responsibilities: (Summary list of typical duties and responsibilities of the job / essential functions) 


  • Develop keyword spotting and voice search technologies and improve out-of-vocabulary rejection with limited CPU and memory.
  • Improve runtime voice recognition and sample voice applications for our product for many languages.
  • Develop robust automatic speech recognition (ASR) technologies to various kinds of distortions and variations such as channel and environment distortions, emotional speech, variety of speaking rate and speaking style for multiple languages.
  • Integrate ASR with technologies of microphone array, echo cancellation, speech enhancement, and other DSP processing for far-field voice recognition under noise.
  • Implement and improve very large vocabulary continuous voice recognition performance under variety of game sounds and music background.
  • Improve acoustic model training and adaptation.


Required Knowledge / Skills: (Lists out the job skills that must be met to perform the position (i.e. Managing subordinates; Knowledge specifications)


  • Voice Recognition Technologies.
  • DSP, speech processing technologies.
  • HMM and neural network technologies.
  • Word pronunciation handling.
  • Voice recognition word grammar handling.
  • C/C++ programming.
  • Good written and oral communication skills.


Qualifications: (Lists out the experience, qualifications and education required and preferred)

      Required Experience / Education:

  • 3 to 7+ years experience and solid understanding in voice recognition and digital signal processing technologies.
  • 3 to 7+ years experience and strong skills in scripting languages and C/C++ programming.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering, related engineering discipline, or equivalent.

Preferred Experience / Education:

  • Master's degree or PhD in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or equivalent is preferred.
  • Experience of multi-lingual speech and language processing is preferred.


Job Specifications: (Required for internal classification - Freedom to Act (what level of autonomy or judgment are freely made in the position; sign-off or budgetary responsibility, what level direction is given from management); Problem complexity in role; and Level of impact the role has to business unit or company)


Freedom to act:  (What level of autonomy or judgment is freely made in the position; sign-off or budgetary responsibility and/or what level of direction is given from management)

  • Free to decide what kind of technologies to use for assigned task
  • No budgetary responsibility
  • Only high application performance/requirement level of direction is given by management.

Problem complexity: (What type of complexities are faced in the role)

  • Highly complex statistical and signal processing problem.

Level of impact:  (What is the level of impact the role has to business unit or company)

  • Impact one of the key user interface functionality of our games.

Working Conditions:

  • Cubical in Foster City
  • No travel




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